Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Abby and Nina welcome their new roommates to the Chancellor Estate. Tessa’s wheeled all their luggage in – since Mariah’s having an ‘ovarian transfer’ today. Oh how much this baby will be loved, from day one.

At CL’s, Nick fails to reassure Faith; who’s worried sick about Rey and her Mom.

Sharon’s at Rey’s bedside – we’ll have a party when you get out of here; to thank everyone who’s been so supportive of us, like Faith and Lola. Don’t leave me now; we’re partners *sniffle* Now and …. ‘Forever’, Rey awakens to weakly finish her sentence.

Devon leaves a message for Amanda – hoping, they can meet. He’s sorry. I don’t want this to be the end of ‘us’.

At TGP with Phyllis, Amanda isn’t the least bit curious about what Devon has to say (and hits the delete button to prove it) Phyllis isn’t convinced.

Lola wants to go to Memorial and give her brother a good shake. Elena didn’t learn the shaking technique in med school – Nate’s got this. Lola then gets a text from Sharon; Rey’s awake and will be OK!

Faith gets a text too. Good news? Nick asks. The best, she smiles with relief.

Whose side is Phyllis on? Amanda’s of course – but you still have feelings for him; hear him out. Amanda doesn’t want to hear anything else Devon has to say. She knows Phyllis means well but right now, just needs to wallow – and take this call from Naya (who sounds stressed and needs to see her)

Mariah reports the good news that Rey’s awake and then opens an envelope from Devon – his good luck penny and a supportive note. What a good, kind, sweet man, the four ladies agree; all are excited about their lives possibly changing today.

Nate and Sharon fill Rey in that he was poisoned with Thallium. Immediately in Detective-mode, he wonders how that got into his system (as he hasn’t had shellfish or been exposed to any known toxins)

Faith can now admit that she was extremely worried about Rey, how much she loves her Dad, and that she’s made a new friend. When Nick suggests now might be the right time to give therapy a shot, Faith agrees.

Thallium’s rarely found naturally, especially in such a high dosage. If it were food poisoning, Nate would have seen more cases brought into the hospital. It’s decided that everyone in the household will get tested and the house inspected by the health department will be in touch. He then leaves Sharon and Rey looking happy ‘n sappy.

Mariah and Tessa have some time to praise one another for their generosity before snacks are served. And while Nina and Tessa take luggage upstairs, Abby expresses her gratitude to Mariah.

If Chance were here he’d say ‘let’s do this!’ And with that, Nina sends Abby, Tessa and Mariah off to their doctor’s appointment.