Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Who could have sent those texts, Sherlock? Chelsea’s sarcastic livid. Whoever’s doing this must have left some sort of trail. Chelsea’s face remains blank as Adam picks up the tablet and looks at her with suspicion.

Elena’s reminded of an unusual case when she was a resident. Nate declares her input incredibly helpful. They then go over to break the news to Sharon (who hopes they have good news)

Sally’s just having fun with Jack – we like each other. Kyle’s not buying it. OK, what if Tara was single when you hooked up? Sally’s sure he’s thought about what it would be like to be with her and their son.

Kyle closes the boardroom door – that boy is not my son and I’m madly in love with Summer. You have no idea what happened between me and Tara. And you have no clue about me and your Father, Sally asks him to focus on his own mess and don’t interfere with her and Jack.

Poisoned? Thallium? Sharon’s stunned – have I been exposed too? Nate gets a text – test results support their theory. An antidote is being delivered by helicopter from Chicago. Nate thanks Elena then heads to the hospital with Sharon. Elena calls Lola with the news.

Adam finds the same text messages on his tablet. Has Chloe touched it? No, she’s never alone, he muses aloud. Someone has access to my life, and my devices. Chelsea maintains her facade.

Chelsea’s confident and smug; secure in the belief that she has Adam fooled. He continues to mull it over – Sharon’s in the past – someone’s just stirring up trouble. Do you have any idea who could have done this? Adam asks Chelsea.

Back at the hospital, Sharon regrets taking so long to bring Rey there. He was by my side for all my treatments. You got him here in time, Nate doesn’t want her to feel guilty. We’re minutes away from administering a treatment – then we can figure out the how and why.

At TGP, Phyllis is searching Ashland Locke on her tablet when Jack appears to startle her. You wanted to talk, so talk.

Jack’s been busy – I’m here now, what do you want to talk about? It’s worked itself out, magically disappeared, Phyllis is sorry she called him. Jack then asks if Summer’s confided what’s going on with Kyle. No, she hasn’t said anything, Phyllis lies. After Jack leaves with Sally, Phyllis is left to look troubled.

Ashland was uncharacteristically quiet, Kyle relays Tara’s info to Summer. He then gets a call from a New York number. Please hold for Ashland Locke, a voice says.

Adam hates himself for what he did to Chelsea – you should be much further along in your recovery. This sounds crazy but are you the one?? What am I thinking? I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, Adam leaves Chelsea with tears in her eyes.

Nate will be here any minute, Sharon talks to an unconscious Rey – we all need you to be OK. Nate comes in with a syringe. Don’t you dare leave me, we’re so close, so close, Sharon encourages Rey.