Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Faith disappointed when her secret admirer texts to say he can’t make it – his parents are super strict and won’t let him go. And while Nikki’s buying them a treat, Faith exchanges a few more texts. She and the boy don’t have classes together but have spent time together. And that is the only hint she’ll get.

Having heard Phyllis back down, Nick suspects she’s up to something – is this about Jack seeing Sally? That’s none of your business. She’s just watching out for a friend who’s being taken advantage of. The subject’s changed – Faith’s meeting a boy, and there’s something else.

Chloe thinks Adam’s trying to shift the blame – you kissed Sharon and got busted. She’s so sorry her poor friend, Chelsea, has to listen to these denials and accusations. Nice job Chloe, now bring it home, Chelsea silently encourages.

Someone broke into the house to poison Rey? Phyllis knows Sharon won’t believe Nick’s theory that Adam’s behind it. He’s sure Rey will – and maybe Sharon will listen this time.

Adam’s on the defensive – he now tells Chelsea that he regrets kissing Sharon – YOU are the only one I want. I almost believe you, Chloe clearly doesn’t. She does wish Adam was out of Chelsea’s life but doesn’t need to lift a finger – you’re sabotaging it all on your own – as always.

Bringing Faith home, Nikki’s happy to see Rey up and about. Faith and Rey both upstairs and out of earshot, Nikki’s shocked when Sharon doesn’t want her to inform Victor that Adam might have poisoned Rey – even now your first instinct is to protect Adam – she can only imagine the toll that’s taking on Rey (who’s listening)

After their meeting, Lauren leaves Jack to make plans for another driving lesson, then lunch with Sally (who leaves when Kyle arrives needing to talk to his Dad) As she worries, Kyle admits that his Dad’s right – he’s not OK.

Chelsea’s mightily impressed by Chloe’s adamant insistence that she lives a nice boring life (that Adam’s not worth risking for) She then slams out – leaving a wide-eyed Chelsea with a frustrated Adam.

On the CL’s patio, Mike agrees that Adam had access and motivation – but cautions that Rey’s hardly objective enough to investigate his own poisoning. There’s no evidence to prove Adam’s guilt. That’s why Rey wants Mike to issue a search warrant. Will the DA help him or not??

Whatever it is, Jack won’t judge Kyle. Her ear pressed to the door, whatever Sally drops makes a loud enough clatter that Kyle insists he and his Father talk in private, away from Jabot.

At home, Sharon reads the messages on her phone that are supposedly between her and Adam. Nick drops by to ask how Rey’s doing. Yes, he shares the same suspicions as he and Nikki and hopes Adam finally gets what he deserves.

Adam knows Chelsea must be angry about the photo of him kissing Sharon, and rightfully so – but something strange is going on and he’s off to look into that. Yanking open the door, Adam’s face to face with Rey.