Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Visiting her Mom, Mariah’s surprised to hear that Rey’s at work; taking care of something that couldn’t wait.

Putting latex gloves on, Rey informs Adam that he has a search warrant for his car and penthouse. When he apologizes to Chelsea, she’s happy to have ‘the best seat in the house’. Her apology is silent – sorry for poisoning you. It’ll all be worth it, she promises.

Dropping by to see how everyone’s doing on embryo transfer day, Devon finds only Abby at home. He’s sure Katherine would approve of her DNA carrying on in the next generation. Abby worries about how Mariah and Devon feel; knowing they won’t be raising their first biological child.

Naya explains her problem – a reporter’s claiming that Amanda’s maternal grandfather arranged a murder years ago – will Amanda defend him? Why would Amanda defend the man who made Naya give her away? Because the man your grandfather’s accused of killing is your Father.

Mariah’s updated that Sharon and Faith (and the house) have all been cleared of traces of Thallium. The GCPD is all over it. Now, how did the procedure go? Sharon changes the subject. Abby’s fertilized embryo has been transferred to Mariah – and if it takes, she’ll be carrying Abby and Chance’s baby (along with their hopes and dreams)

At the ranch, Faith gets a text – her secret admirer is ready to reveal his identity. Tommy Ross. So excited she squeals into a sofa cushion, Faith can’t believe he even noticed her. Faith the Avenger? How could he not? Disappointed that Faith can’t sneak away right now, Tommy asks her to say that she loves him.

As Rey rummages through the penthouse, Adam notes that he doesn’t look so good – maybe you should take a break. When Rey ignores him and goes upstairs, Adam grumbles. Nerve-wracking isn’t it? Chelsea comments silently – realizing something’s going on behind your back. Adam reads on his tablet that Rey was recently discharged from hospital. Sharon mentioned he was sick – what’s going on here? he’s even more puzzled.

Devon’s looking forward to being cool Uncle Devon, and that’s it. Yes, he’s thought about having a family of his own; a wife, children. Yes, Abby’s asking if things are any clearer to him regarding Elena and Amanda. The only thing that’s clear to Devon is that he’s ruined a good thing that could have been a great thing.

My grandfather had my father killed? Amanda’s shocked. No, of course not – it’s just a reporters’ accusations. The police have opened an investigation but Naya’s sure her Father is being set up. Amanda’s Father, Richard Neeland, was killed in a car crash shortly after she and Hilary were born. Why would I take this on? I haven’t even tried a murder case, Amanda points out. And if she did take this case on, it’d be impossible to hide her connection. Naya doesn’t see the need to hide it. Amanda finds that hard to believe – until recently, I was a dirty secret; a mistake.

Tell me you love me, ‘Tommy’ repeats via text. I’ll go first, I love you, Faith Newman. Your turn. I love you, Tommy Ross – Faith throws caution to the wind and complies. Now that’s out of the way, when do we get to meet? she asks. What happened? she becomes increasingly concerned by his lack of a response.

Texts to Sharon that I didn’t send – Rey being released from the hospital to show up here with a search warrant – Adam can only imagine the garbage Chloe’s been filling Chelsea’s head with. Was it her? Both of you? Or you alone? Talk to me – we can fix this, he implores. No, I’m fixing it, Chelsea talks to herself, not Adam (who then slams out, only to peek his head back in to watch Chelsea stretch and smile)

Rey comes down carrying a few items – Adam? Where is he? he asks Chelsea (whose eyes dart towards the front door) Understanding that Adam left, Rey will send someone to stay with Chelsea until the nurse gets back. Now alone, Chelsea smiles and stretches some more.

Back at the ranch, Faith’s near tears – why are you ghosting me? Check your social media, ‘Tommy’ replies. She’s devastated to see that her declaration of love has been posted online (and being mocked) Why would you do that? she types. Maybe because I’m not Tommy – you fell for it loser. Who are you? Faith’s even more devastated when the reply is a photo; Jordan. Why? she asks again. You got boring. You let Mommy run your life and choose your friends. I’m not wasting my time with you anymore. Faith sobs, utterly and completely crushed.