Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Summer finds Kyle stressing in the boardroom over Ashland calling him – supposedly about doing business together – but, what if he’s testing me?

Jack’s not at TGP to see Sally – he’s there to see Phyllis. Knowing she’s up to something, he’s not leaving until he finds out what it is. A worried Sally watches from afar.

At the ranch, Nick excuses himself to take a call. Nikki’s amused when gets a text from a super sweet secret admirer who wants to meet her for the first time. Yes, she’ll take Faith IF her parents sign off on it.

At home with Rey, Sharon’s sickened that he was poisoned there. She may never feel the same way about this house.

Dr Cabbott’s sorry to tell Adam that she hasn’t seen any sign that Chelsea’s recovering. Chelsea’s delighted that he’s disappointed. By the time Adam finds out, it’ll be too late, she’s silently smug.

Rey agrees – it’s frightening and infuriating that their home was invaded – but all traces of Thallium have been removed. Now, who would specifically want to get me out of the way? he wonders to Sharon.

There’s no timetable for Chelsea’s recovery, Dr C tells Adam – and with a few words of encouragement for Chelsea, leaves him to admit that he suspected she might have sent the text messages to Sharon. Sure it’s Chloe, he calls to summon her over.

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Nick returns to absorb the news that Faith’s been texting with a boy she knows nothing about but wants to meet. Told that Nikki will oversee the ‘romantic’ meeting, he agrees she can go. Great! Faith jumps up to go text him. Nikki promises to keep a close eye on her. And so it begins, boys – Nick throws his hands up.

Kyle’s also troubled about keeping his Dad in the dark. He deserves to hear everything directly from me, he tells Summer.

Jack continues to harangue Phyllis – he’s ticked off that she won’t tell him what’s going on with Kyle (as told by Summer) Sally interrupts – this is urgent, she tells Jack.

We have to prep for our meeting with Lauren, Sally tries to dissuade Jack (who relents when Phyllis insists they ‘put it to bed’) After Jack leaves with Sally, Nick appears to ask what that was all about.

He’ll have a red backpack, Faith’s excitement won’t be deterred by Nikki (who hopes she’s not disappointed if the boy’s not what she’s expecting) Faith doesn’t expect Prince Charming but wouldn’t mind if he was cute. She wants to thank him for being a friend when she needed one.

Is everything OK with Chelsea? Chloe’s alarmed when she arrives at the penthouse. Adam accuses Chloe of having Kevin hack into his phone – or maybe you came over and used my tablet. If he finds out she’s behind this, he won’t be as forgiving as if she comes clean now.

Sharon suspects an enemy Rey put behind bars. He suspects Adam – we despise each other. We need facts, Sharon doesn’t argue. Rey agrees – whoever did this will pay.