Friday, March 26th, 2021

Rey tells Sharon that he’s coming home – Faith will be OK – love you. Hearing that Faith’s being bullied, Mike sends Rey home; find Faith, take care of Sharon – then we’ll find Adam. Lauren then joins her beloved to hear that there’s trouble with Adam Newman – and Faith’s run away after being bullied. Lauren’s brought to tears when thinking of the heartache she caused Traci. Also, Fen once bullied a kid, Jamie (who’s doing well and practicing law now) Faith will be OK too, Lauren reassures Mike.

Sharon leaves another heartfelt message for Faith. I love you. Victor joins her, Nikki and Nick to announce that security has been alerted – no one’s seen Faith yet. He then gets a call; one of the ranch trucks is missing (news that alarms all)

Lauren looks forward to a vacation with Mike – no phones or internet; just beaches and starry nights. Sent a photo of ‘paradise’, Mike saves it as his screensaver.

Victor will move heaven and earth to protect Adam, Chloe worries – his investigators will figure out the truth if the GCPD doesn’t first. Nope – Chelsea’s plan is foolproof – Dr C will verify that she’s been stuck in this chair. Yeah, great, but Chloe doesn’t have an airtight alibi though. Chelsea does know of one wild card; someone who knows everything and could ruin everything. Me!? Yes. Can Chelsea trust her BFF not to turn her in??

You can’t actually believe I’d rat you out, Chloe’s astonished – if you go down, I go down – we’re in this together. That said, she does want full disclosure from now on. Chelsea agrees – this was all for a good cause. Chloe must set an example for her kids – even at her worste she never put an innocent persons life in danger. Chelsea’s sorry she put Chloe in an uncomfortable position. I owe you. What’s next? Chelsea must bide her time and remain silent in her chair while the cops look for Adam. Hopefully, he’s on a plane to a country far, far away.

However, Adam’s not far away – he’s skulking into CL’s wearing a hoodie and watching Mike pack up to leave.

Let me know as soon as you hear anything, Victor hangs up to update the family that the guards saw a blond girl drive the truck out the gate earlier. They thought it was a ranch hands’ daughter so didn’t stop her. Faith can’t drive, she doesn’t even have her learners permit! Sharon worries. It doesn’t help when Nick chimes in to say that all the kids know how to drive golf carts. It’s dark and Faith might have been drinking! Nick might be able to locate her with an app he installed on Faith’s phone. Here she is! Ugh – the signal keeps dropping. He and Sharon go out to look for her while Nikki and Victor stay behind.

Faith is a tiny, young girl in a big, old truck. She drives through the night; anger and anguish clearly written all over her wet and puffy face. And pain – so much pain.

Nikki blames herself for leaving Faith alone; Victor wishes Faith confided in him like she used to. Both are very upset and hope she’s found. Rey comes home to express surprise that Victor’s there. He’s got cops out looking for Faith. The same cops who are wasting time looking for my innocent son? Nick will find Faith, he pointedly reassures Nikki.

Sharon’s looking at the app. Nick’s driving – don’t let me go over to Jordan’s house to let her parents know what a nightmare their kid is. He, not the school, will stick up for their daughter. Suddenly, Sharon finds Faith on the app! She’s just over the next hill and moving really fast. How fast?

Getting a text, Faith tosses her phone aside and reaches across for the tequila bottle. The headlights of an oncoming car appear; a horn honks. Faith stomps on the brakes – a terrified scream; screeching tires.

Joshua Morrow ends the show with a PSA – 1 in 4 car crashes with teenagers also involve an underage drunk driver. For more info to prevent underage drinking go to or call 877 623 3435.