Friday, March 26th, 2021

Chelsea’s looking out the window when Chloe arrives at the penthouse to scold her – Adam could walk in at any moment. No, he left – it’s over, finally; he’s on the run from the police. The plan worked perfectly.

Don’t protect Adam, Rey asks Sharon where he might have run off to. Vegas? Kansas? Sharon has no idea (and is annoyed that a disbelieving Rey is interrogating her – is that what it’s come to??)

The cook’s making all Faith’s favourites – but Nikki returns to the living room to find both her and a bottle from the bar missing.

At TGP, Nick leaves Faith a message. Call me – love you. He assumes she’s ‘living it up’ with her grandma.

In the stables, Faith weeps as her phone blows up with mean/mocking text messages. She then opens the bottle of booze she took.

Rey’s upset that Sharon didn’t tell him that the things missing from the house were from Adam. And why doesn’t she believe that he’s dangerous and needs to be stopped? If you hear from him call me immediately, Rey grabs his coat – I’ll find him myself!

Having done everything asked of her, Chloe has a right to know what Chelsea’s got her involved in. Adam took off because he was about to get arrested, Chelsea boasts – Rey found the items you planted in his car – and the poison. Poison? Chloe pales. Kevin mentioned that Rey was in the ICU. Ignoring that point, Chelsea continues to pat herself on the back for a job well done. What were you thinking? Chloe’s horrified.

Nikki tells Sharon that Faith got catfished – her secret admirer was Jordan. Faith took off – Nikki’s call went straight to voicemail. Sharon leaves her a message – come home, I love you. Nikki sheepishly adds that Faith took a bottle of tequila. You gave my daughter access to alcohol? Sharon’s pissed.

Sharon calls Nick to update that Jordan was pretending to be Faith’s secret admirer. She’s run off with a bottle. Where’s Nikki? Talking to the ranch security. Sure she’s still on the property, Nick’s confident – we’ll find her. We have to, Sharon sniffles after hanging up.

Chelsea doesn’t see the problem – she didn’t give Rey enough poison to kill him. What if Sharon or Faith got poisoned?! Chloe points out – the ends justify the means? Yes, they do – no one will suspect us, Chelsea’s ecstatic – everyone knows what Adam’s capable of. You poisoned an innocent man, a detective – and now I’m an accessory! Chloe is NOT happy.

At Society, Rey asks Victor where Adam is – he’s going to be arrested for attempted murder. The ‘supposed victim’? You’re looking at him. Victor chuckles – is this to save your fragile marriage? Rey threatens to charge Victor with aiding and abetting. Victor has no idea where his son is – but assumes he’s with the woman he loves. Naw, he ran off, leaving the woman he loves, Rey adds obstruction to his threat. Who the hell do you think you’re talking to? Don’t ever threaten me again, Victor strolls out.

Rey’s brought paperwork to CL’s for Mike to look over. The DA thinks it looks damning; worse since Adam took off. Paul’s already thought about Victor whisking him away on his private jet, so is having the airfields checked. Rey then gets a call from Sharon – I’m scared, come home. No, she hasn’t heard from Adam – Faith’s missing!

Chloe will not ‘calm down’ – I have kids to think of – this wasn’t supposed to be dangerous – the texts, the trinkets, it sounded tamer than attempted murder. Chelsea kept Chloe safe by not telling her. Nothing’s ‘safe’ about this, Chloe answers the door after Chelsea quickly settles back into her chair. Victor’s there to see his son. Not here. The nurse? Not here. Victor tells Chelsea not to listen to Rey’s lies – I’ll bring Adam back to you – don’t worry. Have a nice day. Not even TGVN can put things back together this time, Chelsea thinks smugly as he leaves.