Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Nick chats to an unconscious Faith – Christian made you this get well card. He flashes back to a painfully similar scene with Cassie. It’s not the same, he tries to convince himself.

As soon as the nurse steps out of the room, Chelsea pulls out her cell phone to grin at the news/headline – police manhunt for Adam Newman expands

At home, Sharon updates Rey on Faith’s condition – when she wakes up they’ll do tests to determine if there’s damage to her brain. Reporting that there’s been no sign of Adam, Rey leaves to go talk to Chelsea’s nurse. As the front door closes, Sharon’s surprised that Adam’s calling her.

At Society, Nina thanks Abby for breakfast. She’s glad to be part of this baby-making journey and recalls how happy Chance was the day he married Abby.

Amanda’s at Devon’s – only because she needs help deciding what to do about Naya’s request.

Sharon answers – I can’t talk to you right now. Adam asks how Faith is – he’s the one who took her to the hospital. Where are you? Sharon asks. Adam can’t tell her that – he just wants her to know that he didn’t poison Rey.

Amanda tells Devon that her Father may have been murdered – by her grandfather. Naya believes her Father innocent and wants Amanda to prove it. They’re a political family so appearances are important. Naya thinks this might be a new beginning for the family. Amanda didn’t receive much info from her grandfather’s lawyers – but it’s sad and infuriating that her Father died so young.

Nick would love Faith to wake up and tell him he’s being too protective – but when you’re a parent who’s lost a kid …. Pausing a moment to listen, a heartbroken Nikki joins her son – so sorry he’s going through this. She regrets leaving Faith alone. Nick doesn’t blame her – he’s the one who failed to protect his little girl.

No, Sharon can’t meet Adam – or help him clear his name; my daughter’s in the hospital, unconscious. She appreciates Adam getting Faith there but can’t come to his rescue, not this time ~click~

Since Abby’s a bit antsy, Nina suggests she help her with a screenplay. Just some insight, since my main character’s based on you.

Amanda shares more info; Richard (her father) worked for a company that gave sizeable donations to politicians, like Naya’s Father. He died (or was killed) before being able to expose the corruption that was going on. Devon reasons that anyone involved in the corruption had motive to kill the whistleblower. Amanda has more – that company her Father worked for was Newman Enterprises.

This breaks my heart, Victor appears in Faith’s room. Nick can’t help but think of what happened with Cassie so appreciates his Dad’s encouragement.

You’ve had some great adventures, Nina wants to start the film with her main character a socialite who undergoes some terrible adversity – then becomes a powerful woman. Maybe a period piece – we can set this story anytime, any place. Abby’s onboard – we could go crazy with costumes. Who will play your love interest? Nina continues to distract Abby – the sky’s the limit.