Thursday, March 31st, 2021

Faith needs to know if her parents can ever forgive her. Of course, we love you. We feel like we failed you. There’s nothing we can’t get through as a family. Faith promises she’ll never do anything like this again. After they leave Faith to rest, a young man appears to watch her.

Nikki and Victor pledge to support Faith – it’s important to have people on your side. Knowing he’s referring to Adam, Nikki will listen if Victor wants to talk. Victor’s left to leave a message for Adam – call me, come back – trust me, we’ll solve this.

In the boardroom, Jack approves of a pitch Sally’s worked on for Lauren. If you need feedback on what’s hip and edgy I’m your guy. Sally’s day is going well – delicious breakfast – a civil exchange with Phyllis (who seems to accept that we’re together) Jack doubts she’s coming around.

Does this involve Sally? What did you do? Summer asks. Phyllis thinks Sally should go back to LA – she’ll convince Wyatt and Bill Spencer to take her back. Summer met them – they don’t like Sally. Also, she’s building a nice life here – she might not want to go. Phyllis has a plan for that too.

The boy waves. Faith waves back. Are you OK? Do you need anything? He’s here looking for his cousin but saw Faith all alone. He’s Moses Winters, My Dad, Neil was friends with your parents and grandparents. This is weird. Don’t say anything funny, it hurts Faith to laugh. She got in a car accident. Coming in, Nate’s surprised to find Moses talking to Faith. He came here first to observe Nate in action. Plenty of time for that later – you shouldn’t talk to patients. This could have been a real problem – let’s get you to Devon’s. Get well soon – see you around, Moses leaves Faith smiling.

Phyllis has summoned Lauren to TGP for a big favour – what do you think of Sally running your new store in LA??? Yes, Phyllis is trying to run her out of town. It’s good for Sally and good for Fenmore’s. Lauren wonders why Phyllis is so determined to get rid of Sally.

Oh good. Vikki was hoping to catch Billy at ChanceCom. Lily gives her a cool ‘hello’. Doubting Locke will want to sell to a fugitive, Vikki proposes a joint venture between NE and ChanceCom. Whaddaya think? Billy would have to discuss it with Lily. In private, Lily clarifies. Taking the hint, Vikki leaves – sure she’ll be hearing from them soon.

It’s probably Rey, Sharon assumes as she pulls out her phone – to read a text from Adam. He wants to meet. He’s innocent and she’s the only person he can trust. Everything alright? Nick’s suspicious.

Phyllis doesn’t trust Sally around her daughter, or Jack. So, she’s just trying to extract the problem so everyone’s happy. Suspecting something else is going on, Lauren will need more honesty before she joins this plan to run Sally out of town. With that, Lauren stomps off.

Jack will take the meeting with Locke, do some recon and turn down his proposal. Kyle should get out of town – anything to avoid taking this meeting. Leave everything to me, Jack insists.

Billy and Lily debate the pros and cons of Vikki’s offer. You really don’t think she’d want a hand in running this company? Lily clearly disagrees – her offer was personal; it’s too risky – that’s why Jill didn’t want to finance it. Lily wants them to be in agreement on this. Funny, to Billy it sounds like Lily wants him to agree with her. Walking away from this deal is for the best, on every level, Lily’s sure. Billy’s convinced this deal is the best thing for the company. Where does that leave us?

At Society, Kyle has to leave town for a few days but hates leaving his Dad to handle his problems. You can’t risk ‘our’ future, Summer points out. Kyle thinks he should face Locke head on – show him he has nothing to worry about.

Lauren joins Jack in the boardroom – Phyllis just asked me to do the strangest thing; send Sally to run the LA store. Yes, she’ll keep Jack in the loop. Sally appears – wanna grab a bite? Close the door, Jack says there’s things we don’t know about each other. Did someone say something about me? Sally’s alarmed Jack wonders why she’d jump to that conclusion. Is there something I should know?

Get some rest, Nick leaves Faith cuddling her teddy bear. Thank you for bringing our little girl back to us, Nick looks up to the heavens. I was so worried. Like Cassie all over again. I was scared to lose another child. Thank you for saving my daughter. Phyllis listens from the hallway.

Sharon’s happy to find Rey at home. Faith’s on the road to recovery and will be home in a few days. Rey hopes Sharon will get some much-needed rest. He’s still on the clock. Any luck finding Adam? Sharon asks. Not yet. Has he reached out to you? No, Sharon hasn’t heard a thing. Neither look convinced.