Thursday, March 31st, 2021

Sally’s pushing Phyllis’ buttons when Summer arrives at TGP just in time to break them up. Sally heads to the office; a meeting with Jack, she taunts. Phyllis and Summer have more important things to fret about – Faith; the same age as Cassie. And now poor Nick and Sharon are reliving the tragedy. Faith MUST be OK.

Nick and Sharon tell Faith that she was in a bad accident. Faith’s sorry for doing something so stupid. You must have been so scared. That doesn’t matter, Nick and Sharon are relieved Faith’s come back to them – that’s the only thing that matters.

Having flown back from a business trip to Nashville, Vikki’s at the ranch with her parents. Faith was still unconscious last they heard. Blaming herself, Nikki leaves the room in tears. Vikki then brings up Adam – the police suspect him but you still can’t see him for what he is. Victor’s only concern right now is Faith.

At Society, Billy tells Jack that he wants to outbid Adam and Victor for Locke’s company. The deal hasn’t closed and Adam’s on the run; wanted for trying to kill a cop. Jack has no interest in exploiting a Newman family crisis – or offering Locke more money.

Nate tells Nick and Sharon that Faith should make a full recovery and be home in a few days. While Nick goes to call his folks, Sharon returns to Faith. She has something to tell her Mom and Dad.

Both getting the good news (via text) Summer and Phyllis are relieved. There’s nothing a loving parent wouldn’t do for their child, Phyllis vows earnestly. Summer knows they’re not talking about Faith anymore.

Also having heard the good news, Nikki goes to call Noah. Victor and Vikki are left to discuss Adam. Billy’s the one spreading that garbage, Victor’s sure.

In the boardroom, Kyle gets a text from Ashland. He’ll be in GC tomorrow and wants to meet for lunch. Kyle calls his Dad – we need to talk as soon as possible.

Billy wants to sweeten the pot and doubts Ashland will want to sell to Adam (who’s wanted by the cops and on the run) Jack doesn’t want to play revenge. Billy’s not going down that rabbit hole – he’s protecting and growing his company. His decision final, Jack leaves.

Vikki speaks reason and logic to Victor’s feelings (about Adam) There’s no leak, from Billy or anyone else – the press know the police put out an APB for Adam and that he’s suspected of attempted murder. Victor sees no motive – Adam’s looking forward to a life with Connor and Chelsea – and running their new media company. Vikki suggests Victor back out of the deal and let her buy Locke’s company. Victor’s sure Adam will be vindicated and he WILL be CEO of the company.

Lily ends a call – she’ll let her partner know as soon as he gets back. As she hangs up, Billy arrives to be lectured for reaching out to Locke behind Lily’s back. Billy wanted to set up a meeting in case Jack upped their funding. He said no and shares Lily’s concerns about Billy’s motivation. Locke’s office just called to say he’s unavailable to meet with you, Lily opines that some things aren’t meant to be – let’s forget it and move on.

Everyone’s sending love and hugs, Nick returns to say. Faith can’t blame what she did on bullies or anything else. She doesn’t remember anything after getting the keys from the ranch – how did I get here? A good samaritan found you. Sharon knows that Jordan pretended to be your secret admirer and that Faith stole a bottle from grandmas bar. We’ll work through it later – get some rest. Faith needs to know something first, and it’s more important to her than anything else.