Thursday, April 1st, 2021

Faith awakens to see her parents hovering over her. You guys are being really nice – have things gotten worse? No, Nick and Sharon assure Faith that her recovery’s going well. Nate says you might be able to come home soon. Faith wonders who rescued her.

At Society, Lola’s not surprised that Adam was the one who poisoned Rey (according to Rey) What a creep that guy is. He gets away with so much because of his wealth and connections. Not this time, Rey vows.

Nikki’s heading to GCM to see Faith. Victor can’t go just yet – he has some business to do at TGP (with his attorney, that pertains to Ashland Locke)

Moses is at Devon’s with Nate. He was wandering around the hospital because he couldn’t wait to see his cousin in action. Devon knows the importance of a good role model. That’s what Nate intends to be – no matter what life throws in your path it’s possible to be a great doctor. Devon gets the point, and looks guilty.

Lola thinks Rey should let another detective handle this case. I’m a professional, Rey assures as he leaves with his take-out. Elena arrives to talk about Friday; girls night – no booze, Lola declares that the goal is to distract Mariah and Abby from wondering if the embryo transfer worked. Wait – Lola wonders if Elena really wants to be part of celebrating a baby her ex is helping bring into the world.

Back at the penthouse, Nate tells Moses that he’ll find plenty of good role models at Memorial. Devon won’t let Nate be modest – he’s never met anyone more dedicated to what he does – he works at GCM, helped set up the New Hope Clinic, and is working on the online project with Lily. Nate praises ‘local hero’ Devon – he funded the clinic and is making a difference in people’s lives. Devon and Moses were both inspired by Neil. Losing Dad so suddenly made Moses more determined to become a doctor. It’s not an easy career, Nate warns. Moses has never wanted anything more and appreciates Nate’s help. Devon does too.

Nick will find out who brought Faith to the hospital. But now it’s time for a Dad joke (though it hurts Faith to laugh) How could I have done something so reckless? Faith then gets serious. We’re behind you kiddo, we’ll get you the help you need to heal, Sharon promises.

Of course Victor wants to see Faith. Nikki knows the accident is a terrible reminder of how they lost Cassie – but Faith’s awake now, she needs you. And I’ll be there, Victor says yet again. He’s left looking a bit puzzled and annoyed by Nikki’s nagging.

Nate’s heading back to the hospital – he’ll set up some volunteer hours for Moses at GCM and an internship on the medical website. Devon’s arranged an internship at the clinic. After Nate leaves, Moses apologizes to Devon for stopping by the hospital. No worries – Devon downplays his career as a music mogul. It’s not as glamorous as you think – late nights at the studio – looking for new talent. You and Nate are living the dream – Moses is glad they’re so close. He heard Devon was living with someone. No, it’s just you and me, Devon smiles.

Still at Society, Elena has no problem with Devon doing something wonderful for Abby and Chance – why wouldn’t she want to celebrate that? Devon’s trying to make things work with Amanda – Nate’s mentoring Moses. Everyone’s moved on except me, she pouts to Lola – it’s like I’m stuck.

Nikki shows Faith a video of her horse Patches (who she took for a ride this morning) You can always talk to me. Does grandpa hate me for stealing his tequila and the truck? No – your grandfather adores you. He came to see you before you woke up. If anyone’s failed you, it was me.

Sharon’s reading a text from Adam (please meet me – you’re my only hope) when Nick arrives at CL’s to ask if she’s OK. You don’t seem happy about the good news Faith got today and he notes that Sharon was thrown by a text earlier and had the same expression on her face just now – is it Adam? Yes, she admits.