Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Why do you want ME to defend YOU in court? Amanda asks. Sutton admits she’s right – it’s good optics. Amanda would be working as a lawyer, she doesn’t want their connection revealed. Sutton agrees – this could bring you closer to your Mother. The family would be deeply grateful to you – and it could be good for your career. IF I won – I have no experience trying criminal cases, Amanda points out. Sutton knows she’s never lost a case – in fact, he knows a lot about her.

Sharon arrives to tell Faith that Adam’s capable of doing good things as well as bad. Faith knows Adam saved her once before, when she was a baby. Do I thank him? No, Nick thinks Adam a dangerous person who should go to prison. Over Sharon’s protest, Nick tells Faith that Adam was the one who planted Thallium in the house.

Phyllis accosts Summer when she arrives at TGP – her plan to get rid of Sally isn’t going according to plan. Summer has other things to worry about – Kyle’s on his way to crash Locke’s meeting with Jack – it won’t go well.

Kyle joins Jack and Ashland – he was able to put that fire in Arizona out without having to go there. Jack claims the meeting’s done, Kyle shouldn’t have come. Ashland’s glad he did.

Phyllis doubts anything catastrophic will happen at this meeting – don’t be scared, relax, she tells Summer. We don’t know whether Locke knows Kyle had an affair with Tara, Summer frets. Jack knows how to deal with people like this, trust him, Phyllis reassures.

When Jack tries to end the meeting, Locke tells him to go ahead – he’ll fill Kyle in. With little choice but to leave, Jack tells them to have a good meeting.

The police are out looking for Adam. Sharon’s happy that Rey and Faith will both be fine, but there will be legal consequences. You’ll have to go to court; maybe outpatient rehab, therapy, community service, a fine (that Faith will be responsible for) She will do whatever it takes to make it up to her parents (who both look hopeful)

Sutton details Amanda’s history (which impresses her since she had her online profile scrubbed) He kept tabs on her and her sister all along. You had your challenges but rose above them beautifully. Sutton was proud of what Amanda and Hilary accomplished. We have a lot in common; ambition, drive. You never knew where you fit in. I can open the door to a new world for you – take your place in our powerful family – know what it’s like to truly belong. I look forward to hearing your decision, Sutton exits.

Outsidee Society, Jack and Summer are both frustrated that Kyle came to the meeting. Whatever’s going on in there is now out of Jack’s hands.

Locke has a feeling he can’t shake – that he met Kyle somewhere before. Tara tried to convince him he’s wrong. No, it’s not from seeing Kyle in a sunscreen ad. When you lived in New York did you spend much time in the Hamptons?

In TGP lobby, Moses is stunned to see how much Amanda looks like Hilary. You’ll learn a lot from Nate, he’s a great doctor, she smiles. Moses doesn’t need Devon to take him to the clinic, stay here. OK, Devon will see Moses to the cab and be right back.

Sharon thanks Adam for saving Faith’s life – she and Nick were driving around imagining the worst. His stomach dropped when he saw it was Faith. In tears, Sharon couldn’t survive the loss of another daughter. Adam’s humble – right place, right time. No, not just anyone would have made that choice – Sharon will never forget what Adam risked for Faith, and her.

A folder of Sally’s work in front of her (in Jabot’s boardroom) Lauren sends her a text – we need to meet ASAP.

Amanda relays to Devon her visit from Sutton; he’s been keeping tabs on her and Hilary since birth. Like it or not, he is family and this is a good opportunity. Amanda’s leaning towards taking the case.

Everyone knows you were the one who took Faith to the hospital; Rey and Nick got security footage from Memorial. Rey’s a good man; he could have died. If Sharon finds out that Adam’s playing her for a fool there will be no forgiveness, regardless of what he did for Faith. You know I didn’t poison Rey, if you did you wouldn’t be here, Adam knows. Sharon turns to give him a wet look that says ‘you’re right’.

Kyle manages to remain cocky and confident – he spent some time in the Hamptons; bartended a few parties. No offense but he doesn’t remember crossing paths with Ashland. I may not be memorable, but I imagine you’d remember my wife, Forcing a chuckle, Kyle doesn’t recall. Do you recall sleeping with her? Lockland asks bluntly. Kyle looks like he’s just peed his pants.

My Thoughts: Oh come ON. Faith bounced off the dashboard of a truck and is likely still under observation for a concussion but good old Gramps thinks it a good time to match wits over a chessboard? Never mind that Faith’s bed is in the reclined position – and she can’t very well sit up to push pawns around with cracked ribs. I guess Mariah’s too focused on being Abby’s incubator to visit her sister. Cool Aunt Lola is busy making tamales and Noah made a phone call, so there’s that. No Faith, you don’t have to thank Adam. I’m sure there’s a Hallmark card in the ‘Thank you/kidnapping Uncle’ greeting card section … Poor Rey; such a poorly skilled Detective that he can’t see the writing is on the wall – your marriage is on life support. Your wife thinks of you as her rock – a dull, inanimate object; like the 70’s pet rock … I sure wish Kyle would grow a pair. Yes, so, you slept with Ashland’s wife. Just explain how hard it is for Abbott’s to keep it in their pants (pun intended) and threaten to go public yourself. Surely, Locke doesn’t want everyone to know he’s been tricked into raising another man’s child. If anyone should be nervous, it’s Tara (which is obviously her usual state of mind)