Monday, April 5th, 2021

Sharon’s not in Adam’s motel room because she believes him innocent – though she doesn’t want to believe he poisoned Rey. Adam would not/did not go after Rey. The evidence Sharon listed was planted. By who? Chelsea.

No longer comfortable being Chelsea’d nurse (due to the disturbing situation with Adam) Meredith’s called Chloe to come over until a new nurse is hired. After Meredith goes to get her things, Chelsea sits up to grin – now it’s just the two of us.

At ChanceCom, Billy thinks they should do a follow-up article on Adam – to put his latest crimes into context. Lily’s not interested in another attack on Adam. She really needs Billy to drop this.

Sally’s on a video chat with ‘Grams’. She appreciates her sharing the wealth – CoCo tells me you got a big promotion. Grams is excited to hear that Sally’s dating Jabot’s co-CEO. He’s kind, smart, funny – he really gets me, Sally ends the chat when Lauren arrives demanding to know what’s going on between her and Summer – are you trying to make trouble for her??

Summer hovers nervously outside as Kyle chuckles – what did you just ask me? Did you sleep with my wife? Ashland repeats. Yes, maybe his sense of humour IS ‘twisted’.

Sally’s over any tension with Summer – she loves the job she has. Summer went to LA to dig up dirt on me. Is there dirt to dig up? Lauren could call Bill Spencer or Eric Forrester and find out for herself. Sally’s not after Summer’s job – I had to fight back to protect myself. What exactly did you do to protect yourself?

You haven’t answered the question. Kyle didn’t hear a question – he heard a laughable accusation. Standing, he calls the meeting over. Ashland chuckles – you passed my test (by laughing it off) Ashland’s relieved – anyone who slept with his wife would be in a world of trouble.

Billy’s disappointed by how quickly Lily shut his idea down. Going after Locke’s company isn’t a good idea, she says. Is it because you don’t want to partner up with my ex? Billy has to ask.

Chelsea’s in a wheelchair, Sharon points out the obvious. Adam suspects she’s faking her condition. A) Rey came directly to the penthouse with a search warrant after being discharged from the hospital. B) Chelsea can move – Adam saw her smile (as soon as she thought she was alone)

Of course Lily doesn’t want to work with Vikki. But, if she thought it was good for ChanceCom she’d go along with it. It’s not worth the cost. Vikki will cover half the cost, Billy whines. Lily asks him to take a long hard look at why he can’t let this go – it’s not worth it.

Thanks for everything, Chloe sees Meredith out. She’ll be staying with Chelsea for a few days. If this goes wrong, I could lose Kevin and my kids, she panics. Chelsea’s main concern is what Kevin’s told Chloe – are the police close to catching Adam?

Chelsea was able to fool everyone? Her doctor? Sharon still thinks it a far cry from framing Adam. How would she get her hands on a rare poison? She had help; Chloe, Adam’s convinced. Maybe Rey wasn’t the target – maybe Chelsea wanted YOU out of the way. No – only Rey’s things were tainted, Sharon still wonders if Adam thinks her husband was the only thing standing in the way of them being together.

Jack leaves Kyle a message – wanting to know how things went with Locke. Billy arrives to announce that he doesn’t need more money from Jack – he has another source; Newman (via Vikki) No, Lily’s not onboard. Jack’s not surprised – why are you here? Billy needs a non-judgmental sounding board. He believes this is a good opportunity for ChanceCom but if he does this deal it could be the end of his relationship with Lily. Jack has no advice – you know exactly what to do.