Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Victor’s eyes glisten as he notices that Faith has nodded off halfway through their chess match.

Sharon’s surprised when Rey comes home with Nick. All three agree that Faith will face consequences. There’s one more thing we need to discuss, Rey says. After Nick bolts, he says – Adam.

Adam perks up when he gets a text from Sharon – I’ll be there as soon as I can (not sure where ‘there’ is)

No, Lauren’s not at TGP to tell Phyllis that Sally’s been promoted and transferred to LA. Why are you going behind her back? Are you afraid of getting on Sally’s bad side?

In the boardroom, Kyle won’t let his Dad take the meeting with Locke – it’s MY mess. Summer does her best but can’t talk him out of it – he’s going, end of story!

Amanda gets a text from Devon – inviting her to join him and Moses downstairs. When Naya’s Father, Sutton Ames comes knocking at her door, she needs no introduction – I know exactly who you are.

Phyllis isn’t afraid of Sally, nor is she a ‘schemer’. You and Jack gave me flack about getting in her face so moving her to LA seems the best solution. Lauren wonders why Phyllis is concerned that Sally will go after Summer. Refusing to get into it, Phyllis marches off – she has things to do.

Meeting Ashland at Society, Jack hopes he doesn’t mind the B team filling in. Locke suspects the A team is here because Jack worries his son can’t handle it (which Jack denies)

The only thing Amanda knows about Sutton is that he forced Naya to put her twins up for adoption. Sutton has no regrets – yes, because of politics; the greater good is bigger than any one of our lives. It was the right choice. Not impressed with what Sutton’s speech-writers came up with, Amanda believes he only wants her forgiveness for selfish reasons.

Rey shows Sharon a photo taken from GCM’s CCTV – the good samaritan who took Faith there is Adam. Yes, that’s him – he took a big risk, she sounds impressed. He probably saved Faith’s life, but that doesn’t change the fact that he tried to kill me, Rey scowls.

Thallium was found in Adam’s penthouse – the missing things were found in his car, Rey reminds Sharon. She reminds that there was plenty of evidence that Billy shot him – but he didn’t. We’ve both been under a lot of stress, let’s be patient with each other, they agree. But when Adam texts her, Sharon lies and can’t escape fast enough.

Locke’s launching a health and beauty platform on one of his online publications and wants a tie-in with Jabot. No, Kyle’s not a CEO in name only, Jack touts his son’s ability. Locke’s heard that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree – Kyle’s like you, a ladies man.

Amanda’s not young and vulnerable like Naya was – she doesn’t need Sutton’s approval. He thinks it’d be a shame if Amanda’s animosity lead her to believe he was responsible for her Father’s death. Amanda doesn’t believe him guilty but she does blame him for the tough, lonely life she endured – without her sister. You bet your ass I blame you. I might reject you the way you did me and my sister!

Victor’s pleasantly surprised to hear that Adam’s the good samaritan who saved Faith. Nick’s still coming to terms with it. Faith awakens to wonder why they’re talking about Adam. He’s the one who brought you to the hospital, Nick explains.