Thursday, April 1st, 2021

Being as honest as she can be, Sharon’s been constantly checking her news feeds to see if Adam’s been found, and wondering whether he poisoned Rey. Nick’s asked to look at the hospital security footage to find out who brought Faith in – don’t you want to talk to him? Sharon’s just trying to wrap her head around it all. Nick won’t stop until he finds out who this man is and let him know how grateful they are.

Victor greets Moses and Devon at TGP. Hearing Moses plans to study medicine, he’s impressed – three doctors in one family. Your Dad would be very proud. Neil was a good man. He said good things about you too, Moses excuses himself to send a text. That leaves Devon to tell Victor that Moses is still struggling with Neil’s death. Victor believes he couldn’t be in a better place or with a better person.

Back at Society, Lola can relate with what Elena’s going through – after Kyle moved on, she found letting go of all the drama and self-doubt liberating. You save lives for a living – how fulfilling is that!? You could call that guy you met at the bar the other night. Noooo, the last thing Elena needs to think about is men. Oh, look. How awkward. Here’s Nate.

How’s Rey? Nate asks. Lola will forever be grateful that Nate and Elena put their heads together to save her brother. She has a super complicated dish to go prepare. That leaves Nate to say – we do work well together. But there’s not going back for us, is there? Elena sighs.

Victor appreciates Devon’s great gesture of friendship (for Abby) Devon has his fingers crossed – he knows how eager Abby is to start a family. Mariah’s the one who has to do all the hard work. Victor also admires Moses going into medicine. Your Father would be proud of you, he tells Devon.

Nikki saw how devastated Faith was when learning Jordan tricked her – I shouldn’t have left you alone. Sharon appears – you can’t blame yourself. Nikki appreciates that but still feels responsible. Sharon wishes she’d got Faith into therapy. Both want to put her on the right path. Nikki’s left to watch Faith doze off.

Devon’s brought Moses to TGP. Abby’s just a friend, he insists – why are you so interested in my love life? Mom said you have a girlfriend, Moses was happy to hear it. How’s that going? You should probably take a seat, Devon quips.

You still have your feelings about Devon to sort out, Nate tells Elena – he wouldn’t be able to trust her again. She understands. We did work together beautifully, and that’s no small thing – both are grateful for that. Take care, Nate leaves (both discreetly watching each other)

At CL’s, Rey hasn’t found Adam but got some footage of the good samaritan he’s looking for. He sends the footage of Memorial’s cameras to Nick. That guy in the hoody – he’s holding Faith. Oh my God, Nick looks at Rey (who looks equally horrified)

Elena’s sure of one thing – she’s a mess when it comes to men. She’s going to follow Lola’s footsteps and take a break from romance, focus on her friends and career.

At TGP, Devon tells Moses that he was seeing Amanda – until he screwed things up. For now, he’s focused on Moses.

Nikki gets a text and leaves Faith’s bedside smiling. Victor appears with a chessboard – are you up to this? Faith’s glad her grandpa’s here and is sorry she scared everyone.

Let’s watch it again, frame by frame til we get a clear shot of the face. Rey and Nick confirm – no mistaking it – it’s him. Adam bolted from the penthouse – the timing fits. He came across the accident and pulled over to see if he could help. He had nothing to do with Faith driving into a tree. He stopped, risked everything to save my daughter’s life, Nick summarizes.

At home, Sharon rereads Adam’s text. Where are you? she replies. ‘Lake’. She looks conflicted.

Next week: You want me to set a trap? Sharon balks at Adam’s request – for some woman who maybe did recover and is out of her mind? You’re the only person I can trust, Adam implores …. At the front door to Amanda’s suite, a man introduces himself by name. You’re my grandfather, Amanda states …. What did you just ask me? Kyle’s in shock. Did you sleep with my wife? Ashland makes his question crystal clear.