Monday, April 5th, 2021

Kyle and Locke are talking business when Summer bursts in to apologize for the interruption. Locke doesn’t mind, he has other matters to attend to. He respects Kyle for keeping his cool. What happened? Summer asks. Locke outright asked me if I slept with his wife. Kyle laughed it off – but doubts that’s the end of it. He needs to talk to someone more familiar with Locke’s playbook.

It’s over now, Sally claims. But when forced by Lauren, confesses that she found out some information that Summer doesn’t want anyone else to know. It’s insurance. It sounds like blackmail to Lauren. You told me proving your worth to Fenmore’s was your priority. Lauren’s deeply disappointed (to the point of tears) What are you going to do? Lauren needs to process this before making any decisions. Sally’s left to frown.

Sitting closely on his tiny bed, Adam and Sharon discuss the kiss; a one-time mistake. Maybe, but Sharon knows it meant something. Adam never stopped loving Chelsea. Sharon can’t forget the way Adam kissed her – and the text messages. I didn’t send them, Chelsea/Chloe did. It wasn’t about you – they were creating evidence for the police to find. Adam wouldn’t hurt Rey. Sharon wants to believe him. Adam wonders if Chelsea blames him for her condition (rightfully so) She did this. Turn yourself in and let the police investigate, Sharon, implores.

Chelsea’s not happy to hear that the police have no leads on where Adam is but hopes he’s far, far away. He’s hiding close, somewhere nearby, plotting his next move, Chloe’s sure.

When Billy joins her at TGP, Vikki hopes he’s there to say they’ll be going into business together. No, unfortunately, ChanceCom will be passing on this opportunity.

You were so enthusiastic a few hours ago – now you’re OK with my Dad and Adam winning? Vikki’s sure they’ll use Locke’s company to come after Billy for that expose on Adam. My Father will destroy you and ChanceCom, Vikki wishes Billy would take the lifeline she’s throwing him.

Kyle’s with Jack in the boardroom. This is my mess. I needed to clean it up. Locke asked if I slept with his wife. I played it off. It’s hard to get a read on the guy. Tell me everything, Jack’s alarmed.

Sally clips clops over to Summer at Society’s bar – why did you go back on our agreement? You told Lauren I was holding something over you. You betrayed my trust – big mistake.

Adam can’t turn himself in. Rey and Paul are sure he’s guilty – he needs to trick Chelsea – and will need Sharon’s help. We need to goad her into making a mistake and revealing herself. Go tell her that you’re hiding me. Drive her crazy. Maybe she’ll follow you to find me. You’re the only person I can trust. Will you help me? Adam looks deeply into Sharon’s eyes.

Keep your voice down when you’re making crazy accusations. Why would Summer want anyone to know about Kyle and Tara??? Well, someone whispered in Lauren’s ear. Sally knows what Summer did and will NOT forget it!

Classic Ashland Locke – master manipulator, sounds like he knows about the affair, Jack figures. What next? Kyle wonders.

Ashland enters his suite talking on his phone – demanding a full report on Jabot; including where it’s most vulnerable.

Vikki asks who’s calling the shots, you or your girlfriend? Don’t go there again, Billy warns.

Chelsea’s sure Adam’s gone – there’s nothing here for him. Chloe disagrees – Adam knows he was set up – he’s going to figure it out and come after us, with a vengeance. We have to take care of Adam before he takes care of us.

I shouldn’t have come – my family needs me, Sharon’s about to leave. Adam hopes she’ll consider helping him. Don’t tell anyone where I am, especially Rey.