Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Thank God, you came back, Adam opens the door for Sharon (laden down with bags of fresh clothes and food) Poor Adam had a long night, worrying she’d abandoned him. No, Sharon wants to help.

After calling Kevin, Chloe updates Chelsea – the police don’t have any leads but think Adam’s still in the area. She has a plan to lure him out but you won’t like it. Try me, Chelsea challenges. There’s one thing Adam would risk capture for, Chloe believes. No, not that – not ever, Chelsea’s firm.

At TGP, Phyllis tells Sally to have a good day. As soon as she exits, Summer accosts her Mom – you’re the reason I’m in a terrible position with my boss.

Lauren drops by Jabot’s boardroom to list her worries – Jack, her company, Summer and that up-and-coming dynamo, Sally. Jack looks puzzled.

In Amanda’s suite, Naya claims that she would have warned her had she knows Sutton was paying her a visit. It didn’t discourage you from taking your grandfather’s case, did it? Not exactly, but Amanda wants some information about her family first.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s nervous – today’s the big day. The pregnancy test could be negative. It could be positive, Devon and Mariah will get their hopes up for her. Unable to wait another second, Abby hurries to the front door.

Playing innocent is not your strong suit, Summer knows her Mom’s the one who went to Lauren (about Sally) Lauren then went to Sally – Sally came to me, and now she’s a wild card. Phyllis didn’t give Lauren any specifics. I needed to step in. Next time, step somewhere else! Summer marches off. What was that about? Nick appears to ask.

Kyle’s at CL’s when he gets a text from Ashland – call me. Looking nervous, he does – what’s going on?

At GCM, Elena will be doing Mariah’s pregnancy test. She thinks what they’re all doing is wonderful and will fast-track the results. Before she follows Mariah out, Devon awkwardly thanks Elena.

In his tiny room, Adam thanks Sharon for helping to prove his innocence. She appreciates him saving Faith and wants to catch whoever poisoned Rey. How do we make this happen? she’s eager to get started.

Back in the boardroom, Jack hopes Lauren’s not buying into Phyllis’ unfounded grievances against Sally. They’re not unfounded, Lauren knows the feud between Summer and Sally is far from over. She thought Jack should know; she wanted to give Sally the benefit of the doubt but she disappointed me (as did Summer) What did Sally do to retaliate against Summer? Lauren doesn’t know – you should talk to Sally.

Phyllis claims that Summer’s upset about a work thing. Seemingly buying it, Nick updates on how well Faith’s doing. He’s grateful but also has to be grateful to Adam (of all people) for saving her life.

Naya’s not sure what honest answers Amanda’s looking for – your family believes in you. Amanda wants to hear about her Father. Richard was fun and sexy – but Naya wasn’t in love with him and he wasn’t ready to settle down. He was driven. You get that from both sides of your family tree. As for the case, there’s several lawyers working on it, but Amanda will head the team. Imani? She’s the only one who thinks hiring you is a mistake – but she lifted the restraining order and has accepted it. I’ll do it, Amanda agrees. Praise God – welcome to the family, Naya’s delighted.