Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

We need to act fast before Adam strikes first, Chloe insists. We won’t actually use Connor as bait – just make Adam think he’s sick so he rushes back; right into a police ambush. Chloe will go to Rey herself. Sharon bangs on the door – please let me in – we need to talk. Chloe opens the door.

Elena returns to tell the anxious trio that the test came back positive. Congratulations – you bring new meaning to the phrase ‘it takes a village’. After Elena heads back to work and Mariah hits the vending machine, Abby’s left to tell Devon how much she misses Chance.

Nick seems conflicted about his feelings towards Adam; a man he hates who risked facing prison time to save Faith. He’s still Adam, Phyllis reminds.

Sharon’s been so worried about Chelsea. So, you came to see how she is? That’s what you call urgent? Chloe scoffs. Sharon’s request to speak to Chelsea in private is granted. I heard from Adam, he’s nearby, Sharon quietly confides.

Sharon whispers to Chelsea, knowing Chloe would turn Adam in if she heard. I’ve seen him – he’s fine and asked me to check in on you. He saved Faith’s life; rushed her to the hospital. I owe him so much. Finding out who really poisoned Rey is the least she can do. You know he’s innocent too. I’ll keep you posted. After Sharon goes upstairs to get a few things Adam asked her to pick up, Chelsea runs her hand through her hair in frustration.

Amanda joins Devon at CL’s. He has good news. Mariah’s pregnant. Congratulations, Amanda’s happy for them all but assumes this brings up bad memories for Devon. He’s fine – this isn’t a second chance for him to be a Father. He’s not ‘scared’ and feels closer to Mariah and Abby than ever before.

It’s not coincidence that Jack finds Sally on the CL’s patio. Yes, he tracked her down. This thing isn’t about Summer and Phyllis anymore. How did you manage to upset Lauren?

Summer’s in the boardroom when Lauren calls – we need to talk – in person. See you soon, Summer hangs up. Kyle joins her to hear that thanks to Phyllis, Sally’s a problem again. Forget about Sally, Kyle closes the door – things are about to get worse.

Back at the estate, Mariah’s already holding her flat belly – she feels the embryo. Get used to it, you’ll have company for the next nine months, Abby can’t believe their good luck – this is happening! Mariah needs to wrap her head around morning sickness, bloating and shopping for maternity clothes. Abby will take care of the shopping and anything else Mariah needs. When Tessa bursts in, Abby goes to make tea. I’m pregnant, Mariah announces. Tessa’s so happy and could not be more in love with Mariah; the most generous person she knows.

Has Amanda made a decision? Yes, she’s taking her grandfather’s case. Naya opened up about her Father. Approving, Devon agrees that the more she learns about her family, the more she’ll understand herself. Of course he’ll keep the connection (between Naya and the family) a secret. Amanda’s not scared – she’s waited for this her whole life.

Adam poisoned Rey, almost killed Victor and kidnapped Faith; letting you think she was dead, Phyllis reminds. Nick knows that but doesn’t know what to do with all this gratitude. Write it down, put it in a bottle, throw it in the river, Phyllis suggests.

Sharon tells Chelsea not to worry – everything will work out, she promises to help Adam clear his name; then he can come home to you. ‘I’m leaving’, she yells out to Chloe (who rejoins Chelsea for an alarming update – Adam reached out to Sharon; who’s now determined to prove his innocence!)

Abby records a video for Chance – she wishes he was there to celebrate this wonderful news. Mariah’s pregnant with our baby! I miss you *sniffle* All our dreams are coming true.

Jack won’t let Sally dodge his questions. Maybe I’m as bad as people say and you should walk away, she sighs. Jack won’t judge her. So, you’re willing to help me? Yes, if Sally tells the truth.

What could be worse than Sally blowing everything up? Summer wonders. Ashland Locke called – there will be no deal with Jabot, Kyle frowns – he’s toying with me – it’s just the beginning.

Sharon returns to report to Adam. Chelsea didn’t seem any different than the last time she saw her – but – there was something in her eyes; a disturbing vibe. Adam just wanted to help her recover. If Chelsea’s the one setting him up, Adam’s puzzled – something caused her to turn on me. That something is ‘us’, Sharon’s sure.