Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Chelsea rants to Chloe. No, of course Sharon didn’t turn Adam in to her husband – she’s working with him; Adam coached her. While we’ve been busy working on a trap for Adam, he’s working on a trap for me!

Back in Adam’s room, Sharon wonders if Chelsea’s seen the photo of them kissing. She’s aware of it, Adam recalls Chloe mentioning it. The irony is, your provocation therapy may have spurred her recovery. But what else has it spurred her to do? Sharon wonders – poison Rey? Am I the reason he almost died? Sharon’s horrified.

Nick wants to plan lunch or dinner with Phyllis and the girls. As for Summer, he wants to know what’s going on and won’t leave TGP until Phyllis tells him.

In the boardroom, Summer questions Kyle. No, Locke didn’t say anything accusatory – perhaps the Jabot deal was just a ruse to come see me. Kyle leaves when Lauren arrives for her meeting with Summer. She wants to know why Summer claimed to have made peace with Sally, then flew to LA to dig up dirt on her.

On the CL’s patio, Jack needs full transparency – I want the truth. OK, but it isn’t pretty, Sally sighs.

Mike’s at Sharon’s place. This wouldn’t be the first time Adam’s disappeared without a trace. Rey won’t let that happen this time. Adam’s close – I’d bet my badge on it.

Adam won’t let Sharon blame herself – you’ve only tried to help. That kiss didn’t help anyone, Sharon regrets letting it go on long enough for someone to take a photo. Faith saw it, so did Chelsea. I need to be home, Sharon suddenly remembers that Faith’s being released today. If there’s anything you need, I’m here, Adam says. There is one thing you can do – turn yourself in.

When Theo came to GC, he told Sally a bombshell – Kyle had an affair with Ashland Locke’s wife. He was here in February, Jack does the math – you’ve had a long time to come clean with me. Sally claims that Summer started this whole thing by going to LA to dig up dirt on her. What dirt? Jack wonders.

Sally respects Jack too much to lie to him – she did things in LA she deeply regrets. If I’m guilty of anything it’s loving someone far too much – she and Wyatt were engaged – he dumped her for an ex – twice. Something snapped – I pretended to be deathly ill to get him back. Then, I lost it – I held her against her will to prevent her from going to Wyatt. That’s kidnapping, Jack’s aghast. You felt abandoned like when you were young, he softens. I’ve grown so much since then – Sally isn’t looking for trouble. I handled it the only way I could. Please tell me you can find a way to understand.

Phyllis gives Nick a brief summary – she’s trying to ease Sally out of town; to eliminate a problem. Lauren refused to transfer her to LA – instead, she went to Sally. Then Sally went to Summer – Summer came to her (Phyllis) Nick thinks this is about protecting Jack. Everyone in this is an adult. You shouldn’t have gone to Summer’s boss. Let it go.

Summer tells Lauren that she dug up dirt on Sally as a defensive maneuver – in case she went after my job. Do you have that little faith in yourself? Summer felt insecure – thought Sally might talk Lauren into handing her JVC. Lauren’s disappointed – she’d hoped to mentor both girls. Apologies won’t cut it and she can’t have blackmail in the office.

Sally hopes Jack can give her a chance to redeem herself. She knows he’s had a few lapses in judgment in the past. Jack wishes he knew what was going on with his son. Where does this leave things? Sally asks. Jack appreciates the honesty but wants to slow things down. Sally’s left in tears.

Nick gets a text from Faith (eager to leave the hospital) He suspects that Adam’s reached out to Sharon (and she’s lying about it) Look who’s protecting their ex, Phyllis calls him a hypocrite.

Adam can’t turn himself in, he has no proof that Chelsea’s faking. Rey will believe you if I back up your story, Sharon’s sure. If anyone can get to the bottom of this it’s Rey. No one can make Chelsea reveal herself, she has to slip up on her own, Adam insists.