Friday, April 9th, 2021

You can talk! That’s wonderful, Nick’s stunned – Sharon knows what? Where Adam is? Chelsea gives Chloe the side-eye. Don’t push her, Chloe jumps in – she needs a doctor, not an interrogation. Nick agrees – so pulls out his phone to call Nate over.

You’ve spoken to Adam or seen him? Rey presses. Seen him. At least you’ve stopped lying – Rey will put that aside to stay focused. Where’s Adam? Sharon will tell him but first, insists that Chelsea’s setting him up.

On the CL’s patio, Nate agrees to take Moses to GCM – to see if there’s anything he can do. Elena happens by for introductions. She was a huge factor in my decision to mentor you, Nate informs. You’re learning from one of the best doctors and men I’ve ever known, she gushes.

Do you have a moment? Amanda joins Victor at Society to ask if he knew Richard Nealon. He died in a car accident shortly after coming to work for you, 30 years ago. His death may not have been an accident.

After some more mutual praise, Elena needs to get back to the hospital – see you two around. You should ask her out, Moses suggests – she’s funny, cute and into you. We dated already, it didn’t work out. You messed it up, Moses guesses. Nate gets a text from Nick – I’ll be right there. Sorry, he can’t take Moses with him.

Nikki finds Faith bored and eager to go home – even with all the punishments ahead of her. Mom and Dad have to sign me out – where are they? They’ll be here soon – they’re just as eager to get you home.

She said just those two words – Sharon knows, nothing since, Nick recaps. Can you say your name? Nate tells Chelsea to go slow – your vocal chords haven’t been used in a while. Chloe’s been here since the nurse quit; those two words are the first sign that Chelsea’s made any improvement.

Sharon tells Rey that Chelsea’s a con artist. Around the time you started to feel sick, I got some texts from Adam (or rather, from Chelsea) Rey’s incredulous – so, a stroke victim brought a rare poison into our home and stole stuff to frame Adam? What proof does Sharon have? And why would Chelsea try to kill me? Rey asks. Revenge against me – just like you, she doesn’t believe Adam and I are over.

Adam’s on the run – we have to find out if Chelsea knows anything, Nick’s impatient. Nate agrees with Chloe – this’ll take time. Conceding, Nick doesn’t want to hinder Chelsea’s recovery. Getting a text from his Mom, he leaves.

Amanda’s just trying to piece together her clients’ connection to this whole affair. Sutton Ames, Victor’s had dealings with him. Richard found out that someone at Newman was sending money to Sutton for favorable treatment, Amanda elaborates. Are you accusing me of bribery? Not at all – the story would have died except a reporter, Bruce Stansfield, found out that Richard’s brakes were tampered with. Stansfield asked me the same questions, Victor remembers. Don’t look at NE or me for answers. We’re done – have a nice day. Amanda’s sent a letter to Newman counsel asking for a list of all NE executives who had dealings with Richard Nealan – just doing my job. Devon passes Victor as he exits. When he offers to lend an ear, Amanda asks if they can go to his place.

Neither Sharon nor Rey believe the other are capable of being objective about Adam. He’s afraid to turn himself in. Chelsea’s got him backed into a corner. OK, I listened – what’s the address? Only because she’s notified that Faith’s being discharged does Sharon allow Rey to go alone. She texts him the address – be careful. She then considers taxting Adam but leaves instead.