Monday, April, 12th, 2021

At Society, Locke all but ignores the contract Victor’s slid over; eager to finalize their deal. Assuming Adam wasn’t able to join them because of his unfortunate legal situation, Locke wants to make adjustments to accommodate for the added risk. Victor’s already paying top dollar – take it or leave it.

How’d it go at the cottage? Sharon asks as Rey walks through the front door – she hasn’t seen any news about Adam being apprehended. He wasn’t at the cottage. Maybe someone tipped him off. Sharon swears she didn’t.

Summoned for a meeting by Amanda, Lily and Billy assume it’s to discuss strategy against Victor (for poaching their employees) They’re stunned when she announces that she needs a leave of absence.

At CL’s, Nate understands that he and Elena maybe weren’t meant to be a couple but hopes they can stay friends. Elena notes that he said maybe – does that mean there’s a chance?

Amanda briefly explains that her Mother has asked her to take a case for Sutton Ames; an opportunity she can’t pass up. Lily and Billy understand and will miss her. Amanda will prep the legal team before she goes. Her job will be waiting for her when she gets back.

Elena’s gained some clarity in the time Nate took a step back. She let her insecurities sabotage her relationship with Devon – she had reason to be insecure – but reacted to it wrongly. The realization that things are over with Devon has come a bit too late for us, hasn’t it?

Adam feels that you’re biased towards him so must clear his own name – so he couldn’t have gone far. Did Nick tell you about Chelsea suddenly regaining her speech? Rey doesn’t think it so sudden or the timing coincidental? Rey does indeed plan to talk to Chelsea herself. Be careful, Sharon warns – she’s dangerous and has already tried to kill you once.

Still seated across from Victor, Locke calls Billy and Vikki – he’s having second thoughts so would like to meet them. Victor refuses to sweeten his offer – who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? Have a nice day, he says dismissively – then leaves Victor to call Mike for a meeting.

Lily wonders why Locke wants to see both them and Vikki. She’s not going – Locke’s playing with us; I’m not interested.

Elena’s not sure she can be friends – she still has feelings for Nate. He regrets pushing her. You didn’t – you wanted to love me but I wasn’t ready to be loved; I felt guilty – but have forgiven myself and let go of Devon. We could be happy – if that’s what Nate still wants. Alas, he would always fear he’d lose her to Devon. I get it, Elena bolts.

Victor’s surprised to find Adam at the ranch. He had nowhere else to go.

Adam pours his favourite Scotch. Victor clinks his glass – thanks for saving my granddaughter. He knows Adam didn’t poison Rey – who set you up? Chelsea. She’s not paralyzed and played it perfectly. She directed Nick to Sharon – did you ask her for help. Yes, and what a mistake that was.

Disappointed that Rey’s not home, Faith wants to watch something on TV with her Mom. As Sharon goes to make popcorn, there’s a knock at the door – Jordan? What are you doing here?

Billy and Vikki are in Locke’s suite – his company is back on the market. Great – but why are we *both* here. He’s ready to hear them both. Why would it be a mistake to put Billy in charge? he asks Vikki.

Rey’s pleased that Chelsea’s able to croak our sentences – and move her arm a little. Need … to … get … better… hug… my … son. Rey wants to ask a few questions about Adam. She thought he was a good man, wrongfully accused – but you were right. I’ve been a fool, she cries.