Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Nick obediently leaves TGP when he spots Phyllis’ party arriving (Mariah and Lola) She calls to confirm that everything’s ready in the spa before welcoming her guests – ready for the night of your lives? (which Abby made all the arrangements for) Lola and Mariah have a little surprise for Abby (handing a gift bag to Phyllis)

At the estate, Ashley and Nina bond as future grandmothers and their shared concern for Abby and Chance – hopefully, he’s here for baby number two, unless Mariah’s pregnant with twins. Nina has other concerns. What other concerns? Abby appears to ask.

Devon’s eager for the baseball game to start – he’s made lots of snacks. Moses reluctantly puts his book down. What’s on your mind? Devon asks. Dad, Moses replies.

You’re incorrigible, as always, Victor ends a call with Phyllis. When a curious Jack arrives, Victor explains that he wanted to foot the bill for Abby’s gettogether but Phyllis insists it’s on her. Jack’s thrilled to hear that there’s a baby on the way and assumes Victor has a lot on his mind. Huh? He had no idea that Locke ‘reneged’ on their deal; he was talking about Adam.

At CL’s, Faith assures her Mom that she knows the rules – I’m on a short leash. Nick arrives to say how proud he is that she sent Jordan packing. Speaking privately with Sharon, Nick wonders if she tipped Adam off that he and Rey were on their way to the cottage. Sharon was sure he went to turn himself in. Didn’t you want him to disappear? It’s never that simple with Adam, Nick points out.

Reminiscing about Neil, Devon puts on a jazz record for Moses to listen to. He’s got earphones on so doesn’t initially notice Amanda bursting in needing to blow off some steam. What’s going on? Devon asks her.

Nina doesn’t want to overstep as a Mother in law but hopes Mariah’s careful. Abby’s sure she will be and won’t go into the sauna or hot tub out of solidarity with her surrogate. Declining the invitation to go to the party, Nina’s left with Ashley – who asks what’s really troubling her.

Taking the gift bag from Lola, Phyllis would love to help with their surprise for Abby. Let in on the secret, she promises that tonight will be perfect. Sally lurks in the background, listening.

Back at Society, Victor hopes Jack’s not accusing Adam of poisoning the detective. You’re exaggerating your closeness to my son; like everyone else, you abandoned him. Jack hopes things go well. They will – Victor always takes care of his family. Put Mr Abbott’s drink on my bill, he instructs the bartender on his way out.

Faith smiles when getting a text from Moses (asking how she’s doing) Headphones on, he smiles when she replies. Amanda confides in Devon that she’s determined to learn the truth about her Father. He’s just glad she came over and that they can talk like this. Taking the headphones off, Moses has a proposition they’ll both like.

Everything OK? Lola notes the sad look on Mariah’s face. She misses Tessa. The next guest to arrive is Elena, then Abby. Everyone’s ready to be pampered. Abby has gifts for Mariah; a ‘pregnant’ sash and tiara. Phyllis appears with Abby’s gift – a ‘Mommy to be’ sash and tiara. You’ll be the one getting up at 2am to change dirty diapers – congratulations, she chimes in from the bar (where she’s inhaling a drink)

Nina worries that Mariah and Devon will become attached to the baby. They have a contract, Ashley assures – there’ll be challenges along the way we can’t predict. Buckle your seatbelt, they clink coffee mugs.

Faith asks her parents if Moses Winters can come hang out with her.

Getting the OK from Faith, Moses then asks Devon – you two can have the place to yourselves. He’s on his way out when Nate pops by to see his cousin. He’s going to see Faith Newman, Devon informs. Nate’s disappointed. You can hang out with us, Amanda makes both men squirm.