Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Nate confides that he and Elena both realized that they weren’t destined to be a couple. Invited to stay, (by Devon) Nate has patients to see. That leaves Devon and Amanda to stare at one another.

It pains Abby to say this – but this evening is pretty amazing. It pains Phyllis to say this – but, congratulations. This never happened, they quickly/quietly agree. When Abby orders a mocktail, Mariah insists she have a real drink. As all realize they’re suddenly freezing, Sally appears to ask if there’s something wrong with the heat. On cue, Phyllis is inundated with calls from complaining guests. Sally smirks.

On the patio, Nick appears to greet (and grill) Moses; Devon’s one of his best friends. Good to see you ‘bud’, he leaves satisfied. Faith and Moses are left to chat; he’d like to hang out and study after school. Faith would love to but has community service and rehab. Why? I was drinking. Inside, Nick tells Sharon that Moses seems like a cool kid. Victor then arrives asking to speak to Sharon – alone.

Faith confides all to Moses – a ‘friend’ played a cruel trick on her – she swiped a bottle of tequila and a truck so will have to do community service and outpatient rehab. If this is where Moses bows out, she gets it. Not at all – Moses went to AA meetings with his Dad – he’s not scared, or going anywhere.

Victor tells Sharon that Adam’s fine – he doesn’t want to complicate your life. It’s a bit late for that, Sharon thinks.

Back at the penthouse, Amanda noted Devon’s look when Nate told him that things were over between him and Elena. Devon’s sad for them and wishes he’d handled things differently with Amanda. Secrets hurt the most. Yes, Amanda’s life has been one long secret – she won’t do it anymore, with her family, or Devon.

Phyllis fields calls – we’re working on the heat. No, don’t go to the GCAC. Nick arrives as summoned – he’ll go down to the boiler room. Are you happy with your handiwork? Phyllis accuses Sally (who denies she’d resort to juvenile pranks – I’d hit you right where you live, leaving you to wonder what the hell hit you) Jack arrives to look stunned. Phyllis gives him an ‘I told you so’ look.

Is Adam still in the States? Sharon wonders. You turned him in – he doesn’t want you to know where he is, Victor informs. Hearing Faith laugh, he notes that she’s with Neil’s son – I always relied on him. We all need someone we can count on. Sharon looks guilty.

Devon gives Amanda the honesty she deserves – he has strong feelings for her but they sometimes get clouded because of who she looks like. He’s struggled from moving on, from Hilary, from Elena – but he wants a life with Amanda if she gives him a chance. She replies with a kiss.

Abby’s moved to tears when she gets a long text from Chance – expressing how much he loves and misses her; how excited he is about them starting a family.

‘Oh my, excuse me’, Phyllis leaves Sally to hope Jack lets her explain. He thinks what he heard is pretty self-explanatory. No, Phyllis didn’t summon him over. What you heard is out of context, Sally claims. Having spent a lot of time defending Sally, Jack doesn’t see things going any further. After he leaves, Nick rejoins Phyllis to say the issue is resolved. Sally fumes.

My Thoughts: Just one thing to say today. As per my friend Chip, this is day 51(!) of that poor Grand Phoenix employee wearing that same drab greed off-the-shoulder dress.