Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Summer awakens when Kyle finally gets ‘home’ from work. Having dozed off while waiting, she had a bad dream – you left me to be with her.

Sally texts Coco – everything was going great until Phyllis ruined it all. Never mind – go to bed. Gloria arrives at Society for a nightcap. Hearing that there won’t be able to see between her and Jack anymore, she’ll buy the next round.

Jack’s at TGP to demand answers from Phyllis. Sally posed a threat to my daughter and your son. Phyllis is sorry Jack’s disenchanted with Sally but glad he saw her true colours.

Rey’s home for an update on Faith (in bed after a good day) Chelsea didn’t offer anything new – there’s no update on Adam. Sharon thinks it’s good he’s gone. You’d really be OK with never seeing him again? Rey’s skeptical.

Dad? Finding the ranch living room empty, Adam sits to envision Sharon’s before him. You run; I follow; Kansas, Vegas. Even now you expect me to be with you. No, Adam knows they’ll never be together.

At the penthouse, a nervous Chloe paces. Confident that she fooled Rey, Chelsea gets back into her chair when the doorbell rings. Probably Nate to check on her. Nope – Victor. Uh oh.

Adam now has a make-believe conversation with a very bitter Chelsea. You think I betrayed YOU? he stands to confront accuse her of plotting against him. How could you? Now it’s Sharon again – because you destroy everyone you love.

After Chloe excuses herself, Chelsea apologizes for not being able to talk clearly. Victor knows better – the truth will come out.

Sharon thinks Adam leaving is for the best (and doesn’t blame him) Didn’t Rey detect anything suspicious when talking to Chelsea? Not really – he’s not sure what to believe. Sharon appreciates that and believes it a symbol of his trust in her. Where was YOUR trust in ME?! Rey shouts – you repeatedly lied to my face!

Summer’s embarassed – she doesn’t really think Kyle would leave her to be with Tara. Of course not – and whatever Ashland has in store for him won’t come between us. It’s time to set a wedding date.

Gloria’s not surprised that Sally let Jack down – fly too close to the sun …. Sally swears that people have the wrong impression of her. I’m no gold digger. She lists all she loves about Jack. He really listens. Know what I mean? Yeah, Gloria does. People never believed her either. And here comes some advice young lady….

Jack can’t stay mad at Phyllis long. He enjoyed his time with Sally and is sad he had to end it. He does, however, appreciate Phyllis looking out for him. Maybe that’s what I was put on this earth to do, she smiles.

Stop the wide-eyed innocent act – you almost killed a man and blamed Adam. Who put this in your head? Chelsea croaks – she didn’t want to believe Adam did it either. Victor’s always known Chelsea was a low-life grifter. You overestimate yourself. Chelsea won’t be intimidated – she’s telling the truth. Victor stands to smirk – how does it feel to lie so easily? I warned you, he slams out.

Sharon was just trying to give Adam time to prove that Chelsea’s responsible. She went to thank Adam for saving Faith – she didn’t believe him at first. You always put Adam first, Rey rants – that’s where your heart is. You don’t love me the way I need you to.

Adam continues to be visited by visions of Sharon and Chelsea; neither one happy with him, both heartbroken. I’ve hurt anyone who’s ever mattered to me, Adam sniffles. What are you going to do about it? Sharon’s is the last voice.

Summer and Kyle’s first step of planning the wedding? Practicing the honeymoon night, of course.

Phyllis feels guilty for being so happy with Nick. Wanting the same for Jack, she can find him the perfect woman. You’ve done enough already he jokes. Phyllis is happy he’s smiling – my work is done here.

Gloria tells Sally that Jack’s been burned so many times, his first instinct is to disengage. He’ll come around. Isn’t he worth trying? I thought you were tougher than this. I’m going to bed, Glo leaves.

Using her therapist voice, Sharon claims that she’s committed to Rey – if we have a problem we can resolve it. IF? Rey can’t believe her level of denial. He’s done fighting her connection to Adam.

Jack’s said goodnight to Phyllis and is just about to leave when Sally appears to insist that she genuinely likes him and wants a chance to prove it. Jack’s sorry – we need to go our separate ways. Goodnight. Phyllis tries to hide her delight behind a martini glass.

Chloe warns Chelsea that Victor’s threats are rarely empty – we could lose everything. Chelsea finds her worrying suffocating. Chloe’s feeling claustrophobic herself so has the perfect solution for both.

Victor returns to the ranch to relay his visit with Chelsea. Adam appreciates his Dad’s determination to clear his name but he’s hurt too many people to stay in GC so has decided to leave.

Sally’s not in the mood for Phyllis’ insults tonight. Enjoy your last night in my hotel, Phyllis says politely. You’ll regret this, Sally warns. Bring it, Phyllis challenges unflinchingly.

*Afterwards* Kyle gets a call from Billy – there’s rumblings about unsafe working conditions at Jabot. Who would want to hurt Jabot? Summer suspects Locke. We can’t rule him out, Kyle agrees.

Adam doesn’t have any fight in him right now – he needs to take stock of his life. I know what I need to do. No changing your mind? Victor will support Adam – but what about Connor? Adam would like to raise him at the farm in Kansas. I have a plan. Victor will continue to work on clearing Adam’s name. Don’t go after Chelsea, Adam implores – she’s been hurt enough.

Chloe can’t stay here anymore – it’s taking too big a toll. We’re in this together, Chelsea apologizes. No, you took advantage of our friendship – Chloe belongs at home. She doesn’t really care how it looks – take another step in your remarkable recovery. You’ll figure it out – you always do. Chelsea’s left to look stressed.

Don’t do this, Sharon ‘begs’. Rey won’t fight; he can’t win. He’s done. I want to go. Don’t give up on us, Sharon pleads. There’s nothing left to say, Rey will stick around until Faith’s back on her feet. Nothing Sharon can do or say will change his mind. He goes upstairs leaving Sharon to not look devastated.

Ny Thoughts: It’s no wonder climate change is accelerating at such a rapid pace – Lord knows how much depletion of the ozone layer Gloria’s hairspray is responsible for. It’s like she’s wearing a hair-helmet …. The thick grey pillows Summer was sleeping on aren’t something TGP housekeepers would cart off to be washed with the bed linens. I’m sure they’re smeared with makeup etc. Odd that two executive trust fund kids would still be shacking up in a tiny hotel suite. Whatever happened to the house Nick was building for them? It was supposed to be ready shortly after the last time they planned to get married. Don’t Kyle and Summer miss having a kitchen? Or an extra bathroom? Why not move back into the Abbott poolhouse. Or, you know, the ‘mansion’… About time Rey ‘clued’ in. It’s a mistake for him to stay. He’s not doing Faith any favours and despite her calm words, it doesn’t seem like Sharon *really* wants him to stay. It would have been comical had she told him to leave … I’d forgotten how much chemistry Jack and Phyllis share. I enjoy their friendship…. Who in their right minds thinks for a minute that Chloe’s able to care for a wheelchairbound adult? Is she transferring Chelsea from her bed to her wheelchair every morning? Washing and toileting her, then choosing from what appears to be an endless supply of velour track suits? You’d think a couple of fashionistas would be more creative.