Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Kyle’s not surprised to hear that Summer’s Dad wasn’t enthused to hear about their engagement. No, he doesn’t have to answer his phone. Chasing Summer into the bathroom, Kyle misses a call from Tara.

Rey finds the bottle of Scotch Vikki directed him to. He’s there to ask Victor where the man who tried to kill him is. Victor has no idea – he prefers Tequila. Go see Chelsea if you want justice. Have you got a search warrant? No, I didn’t think so. What makes you think Adam’s here? Your eldest daughter, does that surprise you? Victor maintains his poker face.

Summer may have overreacted when she flew off to LA looking for dirt on Sally but her gut reaction was right, Phyllis tells Jack (who catches himself defending Sally) You haven’t said I told you so. I’m saving it for another day, she grins as his eyes twinkle.

Chelsea calls Connor’s school to thank them – she’ll be filing a restraining order against Adam. Gotta go, she hangs up to hop into her wheelchair. Rey drops by to ask where Adam could be hiding. Sharon might know, Chelsea doesn’t. Rey comments on her speedy recovery. She apologizes for mentioning Sharon and hopes they overcome his obsession with Sharon (and that she’s owned up to her part in all this) Rey looks suspicious.

At school, Faith’s ignored by one boy then accosted by another (who blames her for Jordan being suspended) Arriving in time to hear Faith called a ‘loser’, Moses says – go ahead, call her that again.

‘Glad you’re home’, Sharon updates Rey on how well Faith’s court hearing went. He still intends to leave when she’s settled. He got a tip that Adam’s staying at the ranch. The ranch? Rey sure hopes that’s surprise in Sharon’s voice.

You betrayed me – what goes on in the family stays in the family, Victor welcomes Vikki to look around – Adam’s not here. Your precious Adam tried to kill a detective, she bleats. He’s innocent! I’ve always been there for all of you, Victor bellows. As Vikki raises her voice too, Nikki appears – ‘what’s happening?!

Moses calls Faith’s bully so many names that he scurries off when told to ‘step off’. I can handle it, she doesn’t want anyone fighting her battles for her. Moses was doing Wayne a favour; you would have made him cry, he jokes.

Sharon swears she had no idea Adam might be hiding at the ranch. Rey believes her – but after all the lies, you must understand my suspicion. Getting a text, he marches out.

Your daughter took her suspicions to that damn detective, Victor growls at Vikki. When Nikki protests, he says – stay out of it; this is between your daughter and me, he leaves. He’s wrong, anything that goes on in this family involves me, Nikki tells Vikki before taking a separate exit.

That call I ignored was from Tara, Kyle tells Summer. She calls again to report that she and Ashland just had a fight. He was shouting at the top of his lungs. I have to go. Wait, was this fight about me? Kyle asks. Harrison needs me, I’ll have to call you back ~click~ Kyle now has an uneasy feeling that Locke’s behind the trouble at Jabot.

Nikki ends the show with a PSA about underage drinking. Visit

Next Week: Uh, what’s going on? Summer’s not happy to find Tara in the suite with Kyle … You want to go? Now? Forever? Sharon’s stunned. Rey can’t stay here one more night …. The deal is off, Cyaxeres is no longer on the market! Locke barks at Victor, tosses his drink back, slams down the empty glass, clutches his chest and groans in pain.