Monday, April 26th, 2021

Amanda has no proof that her Father was blackmailing a Newman employee. Devon agrees – having student debt isn’t proof. Amanda wonders aloud – Richard found out someone had bribed Sutton to pave the way for Newman projects. Why didn’t he blow the whistle? Was he waiting for a payoff? She finds herself disappointed in someone she never met. She’s not accusing Victor of anything but someone who worked at NE could have caused Richard’s death. Knowing Victor as he does, Devon warns Amanda to be ready for a fight.

Devon’s not sure Imani’s text was meant as a threat to cause Amanda harm. She likes that he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt; Imani, her Father, Victor. Devon doesn’t think Victor would put out a hit on one of his employees – and the man who passed his genes down to Amanda must have had a good heart.

When Nate strolls into Society, Nick thanks him for taking such good care of Faith; he also appreciates Moses being a good friend to her. After Nick and Vikki leave, Lola comes out to ask Nate if he’s there by himself. Yes, unless she’s gonna spring another surprise date on him.

Victor’s PI is at the ranch. Nope – no sign of Adam. He’s checked Kansas and around Connor’s boarding school. Contact his old pals in Vegas and ask Baldwin to come see me first thing in the morning, Victor orders dismissively.

Back up in the suite, Lily tells Billy that he’s obsessed with Cyaxeres. Billy thinks that Victor having Locke sign a contract during a heart attack might nullify the deal. Maybe he’ll sell to ChanceCom. ‘I’m upset’ (because of your obsession) she slams out.

Sitting alone at CL’s, Elena sends a text to Nate – feel like doing something? A movie? I could meet you at the theatre.

Lola’s treated Nate to dessert as an apology for setting him up with Elena earlier. If you two want to take a break, that’s none of my business, she realizes. No worries – Nate’s a customer who won’t be scared off. They then get into a lively debate about sports.

In his suite, Billy leaves a message for Lily – apologizing. If she’d stuck around he’d have said the three words she likes to hear – ‘I was wrong’ and we’d be having make-up sex instead of me being in this suite all alone. Know that when you read this in the morning, I’ll have been thinking about you all night.

In another suite, Tara texts Kyle – can you meet me first thing in the morning?

Nick joins Phyllis at TGP – how is such a beautiful woman drinking wine all by herself? May I? Phyllis doesn’t usually drink with strangers but you’re pretty sexy. What’s your name? Don. Are you here for the insurance convention? Insurance is boring, ‘Don’ wants to talk about something exciting – did I come to the right place? ‘Linda’ owns this hotel. Impressive, sexy too, says ‘Don’.

Nate and Lola engage in a lively debate about their favorite baseball teams (and players) She guesses he won’t be single for long – guys like you don’t stay on the bench.

At CL’s, a glum Elena grabs her coat, purse etc. and heads up to her apartment.

Devon likes having Moses around – he turned losing his Father into motivation towards his goal to be a doctor. Knowing that Amanda will be very busy, he’s happy to hear that she’ll still find time for him.

Dirty Don … Phyllis struggles with the role-playing. I mean, come on – Don, the insurance guy? Linda’s not sexy either, Nick points out – and you went with your real job. Phyllis and Nick both like being who they are. Faith’s doing well; Summer’s happy – she and Kyle have worked through their issues. Don loves you. Phyllis giggles. Let’s go upstairs, ‘Don’.

In her satin robe, Lily comes knocking on Billy’s door. No, she’s not asleep. Yes, she got his message. I came for those three little words. I was wrong, Billy grins. Say it again, Lily purrs. I was wrong, Billy complies – and you were right ~kiss~