Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Maybe it’s a trap, Summer frets to Kyle. No, Tara’s in as deep as I am – she has just as much to lose, Kyle figures. What’s going on? Jack enters the boardroom to hear that Tara sent Kyle a text last night – she might have a way to counteract Ashland’s sabotage. Kyle knows Tara better than Summer does – he trusts her. Even though she lied to you? Summer scowls. What did she lie about? Jack’s puzzled.

At Society, Rey updates Mike on Sharon’s theory that Adam’s innocent and being framed by Chelsea (revenge for his betrayal) Mike’s not surprised (and has heard this theory already) Is Rey starting to think of this as more than a theory???

Nikki’s heading out to accompany Faith to her first substance abuse treatment session. Give her a big hug, Victor says. No, he hasn’t heard from Adam – and he’s worried.

Faith’s disappointed that Rey’s at work – I miss breakfasts together. She doesn’t feel well but won’t take the day off school. Sharon’s gentle inquiry that Faith might be hungover doesn’t upset Faith – she’s just nervous. Sharon’s so proud of her. Dad will be here any minute to pick me up, Faith goes to wait outside. Sharon then answers her phone – it’s you, isn’t it? On the other end, Adam’s silent.

Tara lied about something years ago, when we were together, Kyle shrugs it off as ‘irrelevant. If she has an idea, we should hear it. Jack agrees because Kyle’s idea to leave Jabot is not an option. Summer reluctantly gives her blessing – good luck. After Kyle leaves, Jack admits to Summer that he’s worried about Jabot.

Joining Nina on the CL’s patio, Ester’s updated that Chance is on a mission for the feds, Mariah’s pregnant with Abby’s baby, she and Tessa have moved into the estate. The house still seems small sometimes – Nina couldn’t concentrate due to Tessa rehearsing. Ester tells her that there’s a little study on the east wing that’s soundproof. Nobody knows that house like you do, Nina can tell that Ester misses being there.

When Rey went to see Chelsea with a plan to flush Adam out, she said something that stuck with him. She warned me not to get caught up with my obsession with Adam. When I worried about doing something I’d regret, she said ‘you’re not like us’. She didn’t say ‘you’re not like Adam’; implying that she and Adam are capable of doing things I’m not. Mike thinks that a leap. There was something in her tone – Rey also questions Chelsea’s miraculous and conveniently timed recovery. Mike trusts Rey’s instincts – follow up on it – see where it leads. Rey knows where to start.

Where are you? Sharon asks. Far away from GC – somewhere I can heal. I’m home, yet somewhere new. Adam’s sorry for his blunt goodbye text – and knows why she had to tell Rey. Stop putting me in these complicated situations, Sharon whines when Adam needs just one more favor.

Adam wants to call Sharon from time to time – to check in on Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea? She’s the reason you’re on the run, Sharon disapproves. Adam can’t fully blame Chelsea. It’s all because of this unexplainable pull he feels toward Sharon. Don’t look for me, he instructs – don’t tell anyone, Rey, Nick, Victor I called. Take care of yourself ~click~

Kyle thanks Tara for meeting him (at TGP) She reports that Ashland’s surgery went well – he should be released tomorrow and we’ll go back home – to Harrison. Jabot will be just fine – it appears my husband has already taken care of things.

Faith covers up that she’s not feeling well when Moses comes along to chat. Closing her locker, she’ll give him a tour of the hard-to-navigate school.