Monday, April 26th, 2021

In her suite, Amanda reads the text from Imani – ‘this will end badly’. When Devon arrives with pizza, she smiles ‘perfect timing’.

Lily fast asleep, Billy sneaks out.

Vikki’s summoned Nick to Society to catch up and whine about Dad buying Cyaxares. Guessing his sister needs to vent, Nick will be her ‘receptive audience’.

Phyllis ends a call regarding some rowdy at TGP for an insurance convention. when Billy comes down, he denies he has problems – only challenges. Yes, the challenge has a name, Victor.

At the ranch, Victor gripes to Nikki about the useless BillyBoy Abbott – how the hell Vikki’s still attracted to that man is beyond me. He’s also pissed that Locke came trying to renegotiate their deal – you don’t do that with me.

Elena bumps into Nate at CL’s. Hey. Hey. He needs to do some reading regarding a patient with unusual symptoms. Updated that Elena was able to locate the son of one of their patients, Nate comments that her huge heart makes her a good doctor. When he leaves to go read medical journals, Elena’s left to look sad.

Back at Society, Vikki admits she wanted to talk to someone who can relate to trying to live up to Dad’s expectations. You were smart to get out, she tells Nick. She then admits that she went too far trying to be as relentless as Victor (with Phyllis and the hotel) She hopes they can put that in the past and fix their broken relationship. It’s bent, not broken – Nick and Vikki are soon sharing photos of their kids.

Phyllis serves Billy a drink on the house. Are you handling me right now? Billy notes her ‘soothing’ voice. Phyllis has learned to steer clear of Victor and thinks Billy should do the same. You and Adam are like moths to a flame. Nothing will put a dent in Victor’s armor (which is why Phyllis has given up)

Back at the ranch, Nikki scolds Victor for having Locke sign a contract when he was in obvious distress – for a company he was supposed to sell to Vikki. Victor won’t back down – he handed Vikki the role of CEO. She earned that position, and Nikki won’t discuss it further – I’m going to bed.

To commemorate the anniversary of Neil’s death, Devon’s launching a jazz label called Neil’s Mood. Amanda approves; launching new careers, giving others opportunities is what Neil meant in his will. Devon has more – the proceeds will be donated to the Abbott-Winters Foundation substance and addiction program. Amanda declares that a perfect way to honor Neil’s legacy. This is my Father, she hands Devon a photo. He graduated from Wheaton then worked at Newman in accounting. She’s conflicted about dragging his name through the mud. Do you believe he was a blackmailer? Devon wonders – or is that just to cause ‘reasonable doubt’?

No, Vikki assures Nick that she won’t let her feud with Dad come between him and his grandkids. She feels good about taking Newman Enterprises into the future. Yeah, but you’re kidding yourself if you think Dad will just walk away – it could get ugly, Nick fears.

In TGP lobby, Billy introduces himself to Tara – how’s Ashland? He was meeting with Victor when he had a heart attack. Victor had him sign a contract while he was fighting for his life. Tara looks shocked – but if you knew Victor the way I do, you wouldn’t be (Billy adds)

Is ChanceCom running a story about my husband’s heart attack? Tara’s not impressed. No – Billy suggests that Victor might not be able to hold Ashland to the contract if it was signed under duress. Tara has to get back to her husband. After she hurries out, Lily appears – what the hell was that about?

Over dinner at Society, Nick mentions Phyllis’s painful history with Dad. He bought Cyaxares to punish Billy for running that expose on Adam. He knows that NE is a big part of who his sister is. Initially, Vikki wanted to impress her Father but no longer needs his respect. Shot glasses raised, Nick makes the toast – be the person you want to be, not the thing you’re trying to escape.