Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Nate tells Nick and Sharon that he’s very concerned. It’s not Thallium poisoning. Faith has an infection; her immune system has its wires crossed – her kidneys are failing.

Nate can’t say what caused the infection but the way Faith’s body is reacting to it is of more concern than the infection itself. Elena’s talking to specialists now regarding solutions. Next step is a biopsy of Faith’s kidney. Do what you gotta do, Nick sends Nate hurrying off. Sharon’s in the background trying to hold herself together.

Rey goes to Society to update Lola – his stepdaughter’s in the hospital; Victor wouldn’t give him info and Sharon hasn’t called. Go, be there for Faith – and Sharon, Lola encourages.

Getting a text from Nikki (on Faith’s phone) Moses closes his books and hurriedly exits CL’s.

Sally blasts Tara for Ashland going after Jabot; punishing a decent man like Jack Abbott because his son can’t ‘keep it zipped’. Make your husband back off. Why is this your fight? Tara wonders what Sally gains by defending Jack. He’s kind and decent but will do anything to protect his family and employees, Sally declares passionately and right on time. Here’s Jack.

Kyle ends a call to give Summer more good news – Jabot’s Indiana plant is operating. Where’s Dad? Hanging out with Sally – she begged him to meet her. Kyle doubts it’ll work – Dad’s eyes have been opened.

Jack’s happy to hear that Ashland’s recovering and that this health scare has given him a new perspective on life (Kyle relayed the conversation he had with her) Tara agrees – we’d all like to relax. After she leaves for the hospital, Jack asks Sally what he walked in on. How much did he hear? Enough.

In bed, while tests are being run, Faith’s frustrated – what’s wrong with me? Nikki excuses herself when Victor calls for an update. Sharon and Nick rejoin Faith to explain that she’s come down with an infection – your immune system got confused and started attacking your kidneys. The doctors are working on a treatment plan right now.

Arriving at Memorial, Moses can’t see Faith or get any info – but Nate will let him stick around and put in some volunteer hours. After Moses goes to sign in, Nick asks Nate what he’s learned.

OK, Summer does have bigger things to worry about than Sally and Jack. Like what? Kyle asks. The deal with Locke. Kyle’s optimistic about it – things are calming down. Let’s announce our engagement, Summer thinks it time they let everyone know that nothing will come between them. The wedding theme? Unforgettable. Kyle approves.

On the CL’s patio, Sally’s a bit embarrassed that Jack heard what she said to Tara – but it’s what she wanted to tell him anyway. I have your back, whether we’re together or not. Jack appreciates that. Sally wants to prove that she can be trusted – I have a heart, and deep feelings for you – deeper than you can ever know. Those feelings are not going away. Jack looks conflicted.

Sharon’s sure the doctors will come up with a plan – we’ll get you through this, she reassures Faith (who wonders what’s taking Dad so long)

Meanwhile, Nate tells Nick that first step is attacking the infection; steroids should help. We may not be able to reverse the kidney damage. One option is dialysis; 4 hours, 3 times a week. She’s 16, Nick chokes up – how long for? It’s something Faith might have to deal with the rest of her life. Another option is a kidney transplant. Be prepared to go down that route; the waitlist is 5-10 years, unless you find a living donor; a match who can give up a kidney, ideally a relative with a compatible blood type to minimize the chance of rejection. Don’t wait, Nate urges Nick – Faith has a rare blood type. Finding a match will be challenging.