Thursday, April 29th, 2021

In her suite, Amanda’s naked beneath the sheets – Devon’s got his pants back on. Both are glad they’ve reconnected while Amanda’s experiencing life changes; her first murder case, her newfound family. Devon knows she can go it alone – but as long as you have me, you won’t have to.

At Memorial, Nick summons Sharon into the hallway to deliver bad news; Faith could end up on dialysis for the rest of her life. The other option? A kidney transplant; preferably from a family member. Nick and Sharon know they aren’t compatible with Faith’s rare blood type but hope someone else in the family is.

So this is why you raced out of the office to beat me ‘home’, Summer’s delighted to find Kyle surrounded by flowers, candles and champagne on ice.

After making calls, Nick and Sharon inform Nikki that no one in the family’s a match. The only unknown is Victor (who strolls in to say he’s not compatible – but Adam is)

When Adam was shot, Victor remembers the doctors saying it was fortunate that they had some of his rare blood type available. Great – the one person who can help is on the run. Victor interrupts the bickering to tattle – ‘Sharon can help with that’. Adam called you yesterday. We barely spoke before Rey took the phone, Sharon sputters defensively. Asking for a private word with her, Nick asks Sharon to come clean.

Faith needs a kidney transplant, Summer pouts that she’s not a match. We’ll find one – she’ll be fine, Kyle suggests they go visit Faith. No, she’s sleeping and Nick will call if they need anything. Kyle’s done ‘all this’ to thank Summer for her support. We’re stronger than ever (and hit the sheets to prove it)

Now dressed, Amanda thanks Devon for the distraction but it’s time she gets back to work. Imani knocks then marches through the door demanding a face-to-face. Introduced to Devon, she recognizes the name but isn’t impressed or convinced he can keep their secret. Amanda appreciates Devon jumping to her defense but she can handle this. After Devon leaves, Imani quips – I should have brought my own bodyguard. Amanda’s not intimidated. You have no idea what you’re walking into, Imani warns.

Adam called to apologize for what he put me through – he won’t be coming back to town and swore me to secrecy. Sharon adds that Adam wants to call her from time to time to check in on Chelsea and Connor. This is our best shot; Nick jots down the number Adam called from. And while Sharon rejoins Faith to play doting Mom, Nick leaves like a man on a mission.

The purpose of Imani’s visit is to warn Amanda about Sutton – he’ll never acknowledge you as part of the family; you’ll always be the bastard; the family shame. He’ll toss you away once the trial’s over (and that will break Naya’s heart) Imani’s so convincing in her portrayal of Sutton that Amanda suspects she believes he killed her Father.