Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Victor’s on his phone at Society, leaving a message he hopes Adam will get. Rey walks in to overhear and shake his head in disgust.

At CL’s, Nick arrives to find his Mom and Sharon fussing over Faith (now sitting up but tired) Updated that she fainted, he runs to the patio to summon Elena.

Kyle eavesdrops as Tara gushes on the phone to Harrison. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself – we’ll probably never see each other again and that’s a good thing. As such, Kyle asks a favour – tell me something about Harrison, something small I can hang on to, please. His favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Kyle’s left to look sad.

Outside the boardroom, Jack listens to Sally telling Summer how much she loves him. I hope you know how lucky you are, Sally concludes and marches out; almost bumping into Jack in the hallway.

How long were you out here? Sally asks. Jack was just walking by – he didn’t hear her and Summer talking. Coffee later to air some things out? Sally promises quite a show of groveling. Jack agrees to text her later; we can meet at CL’s. Sally scurries off before he can change his mind. In the boardroom, Summer shakes her head – you’re too kind-hearted for your own good. Jack can’t disagree.

In Society’s kitchen, Lola and Rey briefly discuss Victor’s animosity – then the good talk Rey was having with Sharon before Adam’s call interrupted. He’s God knows where yet still has an effect on Sharon. Rey knows that will never change.

Back at CL’s, Elena questions and examines Faith – then updates her worried parents. She has a fever but won’t speculate on whether it’s Thallium poisoning. We’ll talk more at the hospital – see you there.

Kyle’s been emailed a new contract from Locke’s team – the deal’s been sweetened a bit and now includes compensation for Jabot’s closed factories. He agrees with Jack that legal should go over it line by line. If it checks out we stay the course but cut Locke loose when we can. Jack’s proud of the way Kyle’s handled himself (even offering to leave Jabot) One day you’ll have a son and know what I mean.

Victor ends another call – find my son or I’ll hire someone who can! You really don’t know where Adam is, Rey appears to annoy Victor – or maybe you’re faking for my benefit. He checked in with Sharon yesterday. They’re bickering about who that bothers more when Victor then gets a call from Nikki; Faith’s in the hospital? Asking what’s going on with Faith? Rey told that it’s none of his business.

Moses sends Faith a text – I’m at CL’s, where are you?

At GCM, Sharon and Nick are anxious. The Thallium brought up, Sharon doesn’t want to blame Adam for anything – Nick blames him for everything.

Nikki referees – Adam’s done terrible things but it’s not his fault Faith’s been drinking – let’s not go down that rabbit hole. After Nikki excuses herself to take a call, Nick apologizes to Sharon for bringing up Adam. Sharon just wants answers. Nate appears to say he might have some (but it doesn’t look good)

Jack’s happy when the plant manager at Brash n Sassy calls with good news. We’re up and running. Looks like Tara was telling the truth; no more attacks, Kyle’s relieved. Summer still looks salty.

Running into Tara again at CL’s, Sally hears that she’s leaving town with Ashland soon and wishes her the best of luck. Getting a text from Jack that he’ll be at CL’s in a few minutes, Sally changes her tone with Tara – distract your husband so he’ll stop going after my friends. Excuse me? Tara’s puzzled.