Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Sharon’s pep talk makes Faith drift off to sleep. You’ll be fine, you have to be (Sharon flashes back to Adam’s call) I need to find Nick, she yelps at Nikki – I think I know where Adam is!

At the ranch, Nick learns that Victor’s investigators haven’t found any leads on Adam. Taking the number Sharon passed on to Nick, Victor doesn’t plan to call the police; we need Adam to come back and save Faith.

Imani knows her grandfather’s many things; but not a murderer. Amanda insists she’s no threat – Naya’s devoted to you. Imani doesn’t need Amanda to tell her that. You’re not part of the family; you don’t belong. Amanda realizes that Imani’s not afraid of losing her Mother’s love – it’s something else you’re afraid of losing.

Sharon calls Nick to report something Adam said. Dad’s PI is here, he puts her on speakerphone. Adam said ‘I found a place to heal – somewhere like home, but new’. Kansas? As Victor tries to solve the riddle, the PI looks up from his laptop to say he got a ping on Adam’s number – in Kansas. Sharon adds that Adam sounded remorseful – he has a new perspective. Someplace he can heal – make peace with his past. Hmm – Victor recalls hearing that AJ’s old farm is deserted. He and Nick agree ‘it’s a good place to start looking’.

Seconds after Summer jumps in the shower, Kyle’s surprised when Tara appears at the door – I hope you don’t mind me dropping by. This is her last night in town – she doesn’t want anything left unsaid or undone.

Hearing the shower running, Tara’s glad Kyle’s with someone who obviously loves him. And he’s glad to hear that Ashland’s well enough to travel back home. Tara sends Kyle a parting gift via text – a photo of Harrison. He’s the cutest thing Kyle’s ever seen in his life. Thank you. Take care, Tara wishes him the best and leaves.

Back at Memorial, Nate updates that he’ll be starting steroid treatment soon. Dialysis or a kidney transplant are really the only options? Sharon’s left to weep as Nikki asks her to stay positive. Sharon’s determined not to fall apart in front of Faith. Let’s go get some air, Nikki insists.

Amanda gets it now – you’re scared Sutton will acknowledge me as his granddaughter; that he might come to like and respect me. Imani’s secure in her position within the family. Yes, but you’ve never had competition; you’re afraid you’ll be eclipsed by your big sister. Imani orders Amanda to drop the case and leave her family alone (then walks out)

He’s adorable, Summer’s glad she missed Tara’s visit but glad Kyle got some closure. Now, back to our celebration. Oops, Kyle forgot to order dinner. Summer will go take care of it – we worked up quite an appetite. Kyle’s left to mope over the photo on his phone. ‘

Hi Daddy, Faith’s been having crazy dreams that the whole family’s here. It’s not a dream – you’re very popular, Nick quips. He has to leave for a day or two, to find someone who can help her. I love you too Daddy, Faith says as she again nods off. Nick exits to update Sharon that he’s going to Kansas and won’t come back without Adam. Whatever it takes, I WILL bring Adam home, he vows.