Friday, April 30th, 2021

Shifting his attention from an assortment of cobwebbed, expired-looking canned goods, Adam grabs a tire iron when he hears someone creaking down the basement stairs. What the hell are you doing here?! he asks Nick.

Faith knows her Mom was having a bad dream – you were making little noises and I heard you say ‘Adam’.

Devon’s summoned Jack for a meeting at CL’s. He has good news regarding the Abbott-Winters Foundation.

At Society, Abby leaves Mariah a message. Assuming she’ll be heading straight to Memorial, she hopes she gets good news about Faith. Lola comes out to express concern; Abby hasn’t received any more news (other than Faith needs a kidney transplant)

Nick needs Adam to come home with him right now! Faith’s really sick and you’re the only one who can help her!

Sharon explains Plan B to Faith – you may need a kidney transplant. Your blood type is rare – Adam’s the only one in the family who has the same blood type.

How do I know this isn’t a setup? Adam thinks Sharon would have come in person if this were true – Nick can go to hell!

Lola’s gushing about how much love Abby’s baby will have when Nina arrives at Society with a package – it’s from Chance!

Devon shares his good news with Jack – people in the music industry are really benefiting from their rehab program (which has below average relapse rates) We’re expanding into several other states. Neil would be proud, Jack’s sure. Devon now shares part 2 – a jazz label called Winters Mood; profits will fund the rehab program expansion. Jack approves and would be honored to attend an event Devon and Lily are hosting to celebrate Neil’s life.

Chance has sent Abby honeymoon reminders to tickle all five senses; sound (waves crashing on the beach) Taste – pina colada candy. Sight – a framed photo Chance took of the moonlit beach. Touch – mango body lotion. Smell – scented candle.

Adam must hate me for yelling at him at CL’s. He won’t help me, Faith panics. He already did by bringing you to the hospital after the accident, Sharon reminds. You’re worried we won’t be able to find him, Faith guesses.

Adam doesn’t believe Nick (who’s lied to him before) Maybe the cops have the house surrounded. Nick appreciates Adam putting everything on the line to save Faith. But, all the good will you’ve earned could go up in smoke. Sharon’s terrified – you could save Faith’s life. After all you’ve put them through, don’t you owe them that?

Elena has bad news for Sharon – the biopsy confirmed their initial diagnosis; they need to find a living donor soon. Faith will need dialysis until then – but that could take years because of her rare blood type. Sharon’s quietly weeping when Mariah races in to ask what’s going on. Nothing’s working – Faith’s kidneys are shutting down, Sharon wails. Adam’s a match; Nick’s gone to find him.

Jack and Devon now discuss how great it will be to welcome Abby’s baby into the world.