Monday, May 3rd, 2021

So, say we get out of here, Faith gets a new kidney – then what? Adam’s had a lot of time to think about his mistakes; the boy he was, the man he’s become. Nick scoffs – little Adam wouldn’t be proud of big Adam? Adam knows that if he saves Faith, everyone will think he had an agenda. He again denies poisoning Rey. Annoyed that Nick doesn’t believe him, Adam huffs ‘have fun’ and again refuses to help.

Now home, Sharon assures Rey that she’ll be fine – thanks for driving me home. She’s sure Rey has to get back to work. First, he insists on making her something to eat.

When Billy asks to speak to Vikki alone, Nikki tosses her napkin on the table and leaves. Billy’s following a lead but now knowing that Nick took the jet to help Faith, he’s pulling the plug on the story (much to Vikki’s relief) I’m on your side, Billy vows.

Moses drops by to check on Faith (and ask what she’s doing there) Faith has an infection that’s messing up her kidneys. Her options are dialysis or a transplant. She’s not even sure she’s being told the full story. Pulling out his phone, Moses has an idea.

Sharon appreciates Rey fixing her a snack. Asked where Nick went, Sharon wonders if he’s asking as a concerned stepdad or a detective desperate to find Adam. Rey had no ulterior motive. Sharon’s sorry – for everything. Rey has something to confess.

Since when did you give a damn what I think of you? Nick wonders. Adam’s always wanted his brother to see him as more than the mistakes he’s made; to see things from his side. Is that too much to hope for?

Vikki’s sorry she assumed Billy would run the story. He wants to help – Faith’s family to him. If another media outlet picks up on the story, he’ll throw them off the track. Arriving at Society, Lily’s not prepared to see Billy and Vikki sharing a tender moment.

Moses is doing research on his phone – so they can better understand Faith’s condition. Askmdnow is pretty incredible – Moses is sure Faith will get through this.

Rey confides to Sharon that he’s been having doubts about Adam’s guilt. Chelsea and Chloe are hiding something. He’ll keep digging for answers while taking a long hard look at himself. Part of me wanted, needed Adam to be guilty. His job is to find the truth.

Adam’s hurt Nick and everyone else in his life. He wishes he could make it all disappear. I don’t want to be your enemy anymore. Adam needs a fresh start, a clean slate; to raise his son to be a decent man. Nick can only think about getting home to his daughter right now. Let’s do it, Adam and Nick now work as a team. I think we did it! Their joy is short-lived. Suddenly, the ceiling starts to crumble.