Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Nick awakens coughing and shoving minor debris off himself to look upwards. All is quiet; the storm has passed.

At the ranch, Nikki updates that Faith’s resting comfortably. Victor has an update too – a tornado touched down near the farm Adam’s believed to be hiding at (and where Nick’s on his way to)

Rey comes out of the kitchen with a coffee for Sharon. He meant what he said about following the leads no matter where the investigation goes. Sharon hasn’t heard him; she’s napping on the sofa.

Gasping for breath, Nick shines a flashlight around and coughs some more as he calls out for Adam. There you are, he shines the light through a one-foot clearing. Don’t you die on me now, he orders his motionless brother.

Rey leaves a note to Sharon and grabs something from her purse before tip-toeing out.

Faith doesn’t want to sleep for fear of having bad dreams. Of course Moses will stay and keep her company – I’m not going anywhere.

An agitated Chelsea yanks the door open to exit the penthouse. She screams at the sight of Adam – but it’s Chloe; there to make sure Chelsea’s OK.

Nick insists Adam keep his word – you’re coming back to GC to help Faith. Wake up! he bellows. You can leave me here, just go home and help my little girl! Adam awakens the same way Nick did. What happened? The ceiling collapsed on us – we’re lucky to be alive. No, Adam’s not hurt – his kidney’s intact if that’s what Nick’s asking. No, he can’t get to the door on account of his legs being pinned by the limb of a tree. You have to get out and save Faith! Nick persists. Adam tugs on his leg to no avail.

Chelsea pouts about being abandoned. Chloe won’t apologize for that but knows things can’t have been easy for her friend. Chelsea needs to get out and see some people – she’s going stir crazy. You can’t go walking around – the world can’t know you’re fully recovered (and capable of framing Adam) Chloe protests. Chelsea has a plan.

Sharon awakens to read a note that ends ‘love, Rey’.

Faith points out a chessboard her grandpa left. Great, you can teach me, Moses is ‘game’ (pun intended)

Finding Victor playing chess against himself, Nikki asks if he’s worried that Nick won’t be able to convince Adam to come back. Yes – the rift between those two is almost insurmountable, he frowns.

As Adam stands up, Nick insists he leaves him – have the cops come get me out later. Adam can’t risk being arrested. I have an idea, I’ll be back. Will you? Nick chooses to trust that Adam will keep his word.

Nikki agrees that the hatred between Nick and Adam is palpable – but they’re both devoted Fathers. Victor gripes about Adam being framed by Chelsea. What he does with an aggressive queen is lay a trap for her. To answer Nikki’s question of what he’ll do, Victor puts the queen chess piece on its side