Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Billy’s full of himself, and exciting news – Nick took off on the private jet – probably to find Adam. If we’re quick enough we can get there before the cops arrest him, he tells Lily.

Faith needs you – her clock’s ticking! Nick grunts as he bashes at the storm cellar door with a wooden post. Adam’s pessimistic until Nick makes a good point – what if it was Connor? Would anything stop you?

Coming out of Faith’s room, Nikki’s so proud of her bravery. Sharon’s glad she got to spend some time with her granddaughter. After Nikki leaves, Rey appears – I couldn’t stay away. Sharon smiles through her tears.

Rey backs away when Sharon stands to update that Faith got an infection that’s targetting her kidneys. Her options are dialysis or a transplant. Did you find a match? Rey asks – Anyone I know? There’s one person who can help Faith, if he agrees. Not Adam. Yes, Adam.

Lights flicker inside the storm cellar. Outside, a storm rages. Adam knows all about Kansas storms – settle in, he pours a glass of wine. We need to be sharp, Nick argues – and if you’re donating a kidney, the last thing you should be doing is drinking.

Our best reporters are already working on a story, Lily points out. Reassign them to follow this Adam/Nick story, Billy implores. We can’t let someone else get the lead. Lily grants permission – you’re very cute when you’re worked up about something. She’ll meet him at Society after her conference call.

Informed that Nick went to track Adam down, Rey’s pissed – you all knew where to find him and kept it to yourselves?! What else was Sharon supposed to do? My daughter’s fighting for her life! I love her too, Rey hopes Adam comes through and everything works out. Can I go see Faith now? Of course, Sharon would never stand in his way.

Nick’s not quitting. That door’s blocked but there must be another. I feel a draft. Look, cellar doors – but they’re locked or something fell on them. I will NOT stop fighting for my daughter! Adam finally comes over to add his muscles to Nick’s.

At Society, Vikki tells her Mom that she’s canceled her meetings and will go see Faith soon. Billy arrives to eavesdrop as Vikki casts doubt that Nick will be able to bring Adam back (knowing he’ll be arrested)

Billy continues to listen as Nikki fills Vikki in that Adam called Sharon. Thankfully Nick took the private jet so no one knows he’s gone. Ahem, Billy does.

Sharon pokes her head in to listen as Rey gives Faith a pep talk. Did you move out? Faith doesn’t believe that he’s just been working a lot. That’s not important right now, he deflects – it’s complicated. He still loves Sharon. Faith doesn’t want her Mom to have to deal with all this alone. Rey reminds that Lola and Summer underwent a transplant – you’ll be fine. Rey then rejoins Sharon – who’s frustrated that Nick hasn’t called her. He will – in the meantime, let me take you home, Rey offers.

Adam’s not quitting, he’s taking a break. Fine, two minutes, Nick sits. Adam talks about how much he misses Connor. This is the kind of place that makes you think – maybe Nick’s been right all along; I am cursed.