Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Popping into Society for coffee, Jack finds Summer worrying about Faith. Nick and Sharon will move heaven and earth to ensure she recovers – not to mention Victor, Jack encourages. Hearing that they’ve found a kidney donor, he’s even more optimistic – Faith has a guardian angel looking after her.

Sharon’s dropped by the main house to chat with Nikki and Victor. All are relieved that Nick found Adam and convinced him to come home (thanks to Sharon’s tip on where to find him) Sharon’s off to the hospital – she can’t wait to give Faith the good news (she was asleep when Nick called last night)

In the boardroom, Kyle congratulates Mariah on her successful business trip. He’s confident that Faith will get the transplant she needs.

Amanda enjoyed the meal Devon cooked for her last night (and dessert) Today, she’s meeting with the opposing counsel; Mike Baldwin (who, right on time, calls her) Devon answers the door; Nate dropping in to see Moses – hope you don’t mind. Seeing Amanda inside on her phone, he thinks maybe Devon does mind.

Summer has some bridal magazines to drop off to Faith; a distraction. No, she and Kyle haven’t set a date – but fall will give them time to plan, and get Nick onboard. Jack’s very much onboard (and is sure Nick will be too)

When Mariah changes the subject to work, Kyle updates that Locke accused him of having an affair with his wife – took his revenge out on Jabot – then backed off after having a heart attack. Kyle’s decided to let things go with Harrison but when proudly shown the boy’s photo, Mariah isn’t so sure he has.

Nate questions Devon having Amanda sleep over with Moses around. And if he’s OK with Moses visiting Faith so much? (which is where he is now) Why all the questions? If you have an issue with my judgment, just say it, Devon challenges.

Nate’s not criticizing Devon’s judgment – sorry. His real issue is that Elena destroyed their relationship by cheating on him with a guy she didn’t even end up staying with. Nate admits to being jealous that Devon and Amanda worked things out (while he and Elena didn’t – unsaid but obvious)

Moses freaked out, it wasn’t a big deal, Faith reassures. Sharon shares her good news; Your Father and Uncle are on their way back. Yes, Faith will ‘be OK’ (if everything goes the way we hope) How will it work? Faith’s puzzled. The surgery? No – with Adam.

Victor leaves a demanding message for Mike – he wants to know what progress has been made in Adam’s case – and why he’s being dragged into this Sutton Ames matter? Nikki joins him to hear some griping – the cops need to clear Adam and charge Chelsea. And what’s this about Sutton Ames? she asks if she should be worried.

Amanda meets Mike at TGP. When he implies that a murder case is beyond her expertise, she reminds that she defended Billy (luckily Mike realized he was innocent before it went to court) Mike finds it remarkable that the powerful politician is putting his fate in the hands a lawyer with no criminal track record – how did this case fall into your lap?

OK, Kyle admits that he’d like to know more about his son but that doesn’t mean he’ll inject himself into Harrison’s life. Hearing that he and Summer are planning to get married, Mariah only wants his happiness. Yes – she’ll stand up for Kyle as his ‘best person’ (even though she’ll be pretty big by the fall) We’re all due for a happy ending, they agree.

Noticing that Jack’s eyes have glazed over, Summer apologizes for blathering on about wedding details. She hopes he doesn’t bring Sally – don’t let her back into your life; she’s trouble. Jack’s heading back to the office – Summer and Kyle are to come see him later.