Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Victor’s very impressed with M’boy. At the ranch, Nick reports that his leg’s has been stitched up – he’s just fine. Adam agreed to donate a kidney to Faith. Where is he now? Nikki asks.

Sharon comes through her front door calling out for Nick. She’s stunned when Adam comes out of the kitchen.

At ChanceCom, Billy finds a note/poem from Lily – who’s set up a scavenger hunt. Follow the clues and your reward will be pure pleasure. Let the games begin, Billy leaves amused and enthused.

Chelsea can’t ‘calm down’ – and she can’t risk losing her son. But if you confess (as Victor wants) you’ll go to prison, Chloe points out. Chelsea panics – what if Victor already got to Connor?!

Billy finds his next rhyming clue in the bathroom of their suite at TGP. Off he goes in search of the next.

Nick explains how he convinced Adam to come home – bonding with him as Fathers – and promising he won’t be arrested at the hospital. Victor considers flying Faith and Adam to a private ‘setting’ – where no one will ask questions. Nick and Nikki pump the brakes – we don’t even know if Adam’s a match. Also, Nick won’t take any risks with his daughter’s health.

What if it was Rey coming home? Sharon’s alarmed. Adam would have ducked out unseen. Nick’s up at the main house working on a plan to get him in and out of the hospital undetected. Sharon expresses her appreciation. If Adam’s a compatible donor he’ll donate a kidney – but he’s not just doing it for Faith. ‘I’m doing it for you’.

Adam believes that Sharon’s a part of him – no matter how far away he runs, ‘you’ll always be with me’. Nick only found me because you have such insight into me. You see me in a way no one else ever has, not even Chelsea. Alas, Adam knows nothing can come of it.

At CL’s, Billy tells Rey that Nick took the Newman jet to find Adam; the only one who can save Faith. Your suspect could fall right back into your lap. Billy’s worried about Faith – but – Adam will use this to get off the hook for what he did, to YOU. So, what do you plan to do about it? Rey asks.

Billy’s going to keep his mouth shut – until Faith’s out of the woods. No one wants to see Adam go down more than I do, except maybe you (Rey) Let me know if there’s anything I or my powerful media company can do… And your partner? Rey reminds that Lily defended Billy when he was framed; she claimed you’d let go of your past with Adam. Billy agrees, she was amazing – still is. IN fact, she’s got me out on a little scavenger hunt. Rey gives Billy some advice – leave Adam to us, don’t let him create a problem there may be no coming back from.

After Adam donates his kidney, he plans to go away – forever this time. I’ll be out of your life for good – you’ll finally be free of me. You and Rey can continue your lives together. When Sharon looks sad, Adam guesses it’s because Rey doesn’t like the idea of him being the only one who can save Faith. Sharon wants to focus on whether Adam’s a match.