Friday, May 7th, 2021

THIS is where you chose to hide ‘him’? Rey sarcastically asks if Nick forgot what happened last time Adam was in this house. Adam insists he didn’t poison Rey – Chelsea did. She was jealous for no reason. Oh, kissing Sharon – he’s sorry about that. She wants to be with YOU – focus on Faith, Adam isn’t surprised to hear that Rey will have Adam arrested as soon as he’s out of surgery. ‘I’d expect nothing less’.

Amanda’s brought Sutton back to her suite – she really enjoyed meeting the rest of the family and felt accepted in their home, like she’s one step closer to being part of that family.

Devon wonders why Moses came home from school for lunch – he usually hangs out with his friends.

Sharon’s still trying to convince Faith that all will go well with her surgery. She’s talked to both Adam and Rey – everyone’s working together to make sure this happens. Nate comes in to announce that Adam’s compatible. Our prayers have been answered, Sharon bursts into tears – let’s go ahead with the surgery.

Also getting the good news, Victor and Nikki are about to go see Faith before her surgery when Chelsea arrives to speak to Victor. Good to see you up and around, Nikki looks like she smells something bad. Where’s my son!? Chelsea’s left to ask Victor.

Amanda gushes about Sutton’s beautiful home (which he knows is too big for just one person) He’s brought some copies of family photos – your grandmother, your great, great aunt Florence (Sutton’s son-in-law, noticed a resemblance) It’s uncanny, Amanda agrees. She was also surprised that Eric (Naya’s husband) was so ‘gracious’. Sutton’s sorry Imani couldn’t make it but she’ll come around – Sutton won’t accept anything else.

Moses has been texting with Faith – they found a donor and she’s pretty freaked out about surgery. He’d really like to be there when she wakes up (so needs Devon’s permission to miss a couple of classes)

Faith’s sorry she’s been so awful to her Mom lately. Sharon said a lot of awful things to her Mom too – like any girl since the dawn of time. When Faith wants to write letters, Sharon assures her that nothing will go wrong – Victor brought in the best surgeon. Nick’s back with some ‘extra corny’ Dad jokes. Yes, Adam’s here. Faith wants to talk to him.

Have a seat, relax, Adam tells a hovering Rey – you’re getting everything you want; Faith recovers, Sharon’s happy, I end up behind bars. He then needles Rey about why Nick was the one who managed to find him. Sharon knows I’m not guilty so will feel sorry for me – that’ll bug you. Maybe it’s best for you if you let me disappear. Sharon appears to tell Adam that Faith would like to talk to him.

Amanda tells Sutton that Mike offered a plea deal – 20 years (cut in half for good behavior) She’s sure she can get him to come down to a lower charge and a much lighter sentence. Sutton’s not pleading guilty under any circumstances. Amanda understands where he’s coming from but we need to see what the prosecution has against you before ruling anything out.

Connor hasn’t answered any of my text messages today, Chelsea rants to Victor (who’s delighted that she’s now taking him seriously) Did you know Adam had me kidnapped? Chelsea blabs. So, this is payback, Victor decides. Chelsea won’t confess! Time will tell, Victor’s cocky.