Monday, May 10th, 2021

Adam’s on the operating table. In the waiting area, Nikki snubs Phyllis (who again asks Nick how he got Adam to come back)

In Faith’s room, Rey has something to go take care of. Sharon would like an answer to the question she asked before he answered his phone – but agrees it can wait. Yes, she’ll call him when the surgery’s over.

Waiting impatiently, Nick leaves to get some air. Nikki tries/fails to get rid of Phyllis.

Joining Sharon in Faith’s room, Nick comments on Rey leaving. When Nate comes in, Sharon pounces – was the transplant a success?

You called Rey?! What the hell, Victor? Is this a trap? Chelsea remembers to lean heavily on her cane to stand up.

Surgery went smoothly; Adam should be in the recovery room, Nate informs Nick and Sharon – Faith’s surgery’s going well too but will take a little longer. It’s almost over, he leaves with a smile.

Victor hasn’t lied about anything. What have I done!? Chelsea gasps. He’s dragging my innocent little boy into this. I need protection from Victor and Adam (who hates me and would try anything) It wasn’t my fault – you can’t blame me for this! she weeps – I’m so so sorry. Are you trying to confess to something? Rey asks.

Sharon thanks Nick – we owe Adam a huge debt. Are you planning to help him escape? The last thing Faith needs is her Father being arrested. Nick has something else in mind.

Phyllis ruffles Nikki’s feathers. Noah sends his best – Faith is in his thoughts. Going for coffee, Phyllis would be biting everyone’s head off if it were her kid in there – I get it. When Mariah arrives, Nikki’s relieved – we can wait together.

Adam believes you’ll keep your word to help him escape. Nick saw a glimmer of the good Sharon’s always seen inside Adam.

Victor watches on as Chelsea drops the act and tosses her cane aside to demonstrate that she can walk perfectly well without it. We’re the same, you and I, innocent victims – I wanted to teach Adam and Sharon a lesson. I was so careful – you weren’t going to die. What I saw was enough to push anyone to the edge. I’m so sorry, she blathers on to Rey.

Nikki tells Mariah that Adam came back to GC willingly (after rescuing Nick) She won’t let Mariah downplay what she’s doing for Abby and Chance. Mariah then gets emotional as she talks about the importance of family.

Chelsea really was trapped in that chair. Adam started bringing Sharon into our home (and the bed we once shared) Rey’s speechless.

Nate has another update for Nick and Sharon – everything went perfectly thanks to Victor’s transplant team. Now? They wait to see if Faith’s body accepts the transplant. Adam’s fine too. Nate will go check on both of them. Nick and Sharon are left relieved.