Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Adam’s alarmed. Nick will keep his word and help him get out of here – but, if you’re innocent, fight to clear your name. It’ll prove you want to be a better man, like you said in Kansas. Are you ready to keep your word? Nick asks.

Victor praises Chelsea’s performance – you convinced Mike and Rey that you’re having a mental breakdown. Expecting to be compensated adequately, the doctor goes to arrange Chelsea’s admittance to the facility. That leaves her to grumble to Victor that him taking her son left her no choice but to cooperate.

Sharon joins Nikki in the waiting area. Everyone’s been so supportive, she wishes it could always be this way. And yes, there is something Nikki can do for her.

Adam’s tired of running but can’t put his life in the hands of Rey (who hates him) He’s an honorable man who wants the truth – Mike just wants to see justice served, Nick’s concern is foreign to Adam.

You did the right thing, your son and the judge will know that you weren’t in your right mind, Victor knows that Chelsea will get out of the mental facility much sooner than she would prison.

Sharon asks Nikki to pray with her. Hands clasped and eyes closed, they recite a wish list. for God.

In Kansas, Nick saw that Adam has regrets – he won’t forget that he risked his freedom to save Faith. He’s willing to give Adam a chance, which might lead others to do the same.

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Chelsea doesn’t relish a future in an asylum. You’ll be declared sane and leave the facility to start a new chapter in your life, Victor gives his word to help her rebuild her life once she’s released.

Rey’s back in Victor’s living room – Chelsea’s in the ambulance; he’s overseeing her transfer to the mental facility. He can’t believe how far gone she is. Convenient that she broke down here, with a doctor ready to sedate her. Have a nice day – dismissed by Victor, Rey exits.

Adam can’t agree to gamble with his future/freedom. Stay and fight, with Dad and Sharon at your side, and me too, Nick will give him some time to think about why he stepped up; the kind of man he is. ‘You know what to do’, are his parting words.

In the waiting room, Phyllis tells Nick that she’s updated all of his children so will go back to the hotel. Nick thanks her for coming. Yes, he was visiting Adam. How did you get him to come back here? Phyllis asks yet again (but leaves without getting an answer) Describing Adam as ‘humble’, Nick heads to the cafeteria with Sharon. Victor arrives to join Nikki in Faith’s room briefly before heading to Adam’s.

Summer finds Phyllis at TGP – where she feels needed (unlike the hospital) She’s not willing to change her opinion of Adam and still wants to know how Nick got Adam to come back. Whatever he said or did must have been ‘epic’.