Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Adam is plagued by nightmares; Faith’s body rejected the transplant. You’re toxic, a sobbing Sharon blames him. Now, an eerie scene in which he’s playing chess with Victor; the theme for most of today’s show. Victor tells Adam to choose his move wisely – this will determine your future.

Rey now enters Adam’s nightmare (and Victor’s living room) – you claim to be misunderstood but your actions tell the truth.

Rey lectures Adam – I’m standing in the way of something you want (Sharon) Chelsea broke down because you didn’t love her the way she deserved. Adam was there for Chelsea. You run to Sharon because you think she can save you, Rey continues – and have tricked her into thinking the same way. You need to break your hold over her. Adam’s move. He won’t take Victor’s knight.

A pawn; so insignificant, Chloe appears – Don’t underestimate it’s power. Yes, Chloe learned from her mistakes – she’s living a happy life with the man of her dreams and her kids. I’m winning. If a pawn makes it to the other side of the board it can acquire the powers of any piece. It grows stronger with perseverance. Victor can’t tell Adam what to do – but his choice will determine his future. Adam needs to protect his rook (his castle) Bad move, Billy appears – this is your last chance at redemption.

A fortified castle – if you don’t take your walls down they’ll shelter you from the good things in life; love, joy, Billy warns. You don’t remember what that feels like. Adam doesn’t need advice from Billy – you don’t know me. Billy does – we’re connected forever (because of Delia) The accident; the cover-up. Victor weighs in on that one fateful night – think of all the moves Billy Boy’s made against you. Do you want me to forgive him? Adam asks. You can’t win the game if you don’t take the walls down, Billy again chimes in to approve of Adam’s move.

Adam might move the bishop. And here’s Phyllis – to think it rich when the grim reaper (Victor) calls her ‘dark’. Remember all the fun we had? she coos in Adam’s ear; blackmail, hacking etc. Now, you’re so sad. You can’t change – you’ll never change. We always revert back to who we are. YOU don’t control me, she snarls at Victor. Be ruthless like your dear old Dad. Call me.

Victor makes his move. You’re going after my queen, Adam moves his knight. And here’s Nick. I’m your best chance at protecting her. The white knight, coming in to save you. Question is – who is the one person who’ll stand by you no matter what? Everyone knows it’s Sharon.

Your plan worked, Nick states – you’ve come between Sharon and Rey; convinced her you’re truly seeking redemption. You know that’s true, Adam reminds Nick of their heart to heart talk in Kansas. Maybe Nick played Adam – you always talk about changing. The point of this game is to protect those we love, Victor makes his move. Can’t say I didn’t try, Nick announces; your queen is here. Looking ethereal in white, Sharon doesn’t feel she’s the one who should be at Adam’s side. No, she doesn’t believe he’s toxic. You are capable of change. May I? Sharon moves for Victor – taking Adam’s castle. Thank you for saving my daughters’ life. Now, do what’s best for both of us. Let me go.