Friday, May 14th, 2021

Tara’s in the lounge; Harrison’s upstairs with the nanny. She doesn’t want to talk in front of Summer (who’s fine with him going upstairs; don’t be long) Sally appears – she can’t believe they have to deal with that woman and the fallout of their affair – today of all days.

Adam wins, I lose. He, being Adam? Mike insists Chelsea provide her statement of events. No, Adam can pay off whoever he wants – he had me locked away once before. I’m a fair man, Mike will ensure justice is done fairly – tell me everything.

Adam won’t argue with Chloe anymore – he wants to help Chelsea regain her life. He encourages her to visit her BFF – but trying to block him from seeing Chloe ever again would be a mistake.

Thanks again Nikki, Sharon closes the door to tell Rey how supportive she’s been. Rey’s missed this place. Sharon and Faith have missed him. This is where you belong. There’s no one else Sharon wants.

Adam knows Chelsea had help with her tricky tasks – who else would take the risk to go along with the plan. He’ll tell Rey if he needs to. Don’t stand in my way of being a better man. Chloe thinks if best Adam stay away from Chelsea (and slams out)

Nick is rightfully suspicious of Phyllis – don’t downplay whatever this is. You must be worried that I’ll overreact. I deserve to know.

Upstairs, Tara tells Kyle that Ashland tricked her into admitting that she’d had an affair with him then dropped the act and threw her out. He wants a divorce. She came to the one person she knows can help her (and Harrison)

Back at the penthouse, Adam takes some pain meds and calls to check on a patient. Um, never mind, he hangs up to talk to a framed photo – I’m so sorry Chelsea.

Chelsea can’t do this – she’s tired and her head hurts. Agreeing to leave, Mike hopes she’ll organize her thoughts ahead of his next visit. The man with Mike nods at Chelsea and leaves. I’m all alone – I’ve lost everything and everyone – Sharon has destroyed my life.

Sharon’s happy that Faith and Rey are both home. She’s going to be so happy. Rey’s sorry he caused them stress. We only look forward, together, Sharon claims.

In TGP lobby, Summer accuses Sally of deliberately pointing Tara in their direction. Once a cheater, always a cheater – you should watch out for yourself. Summer’s slap doesn’t wipe the smirk off her face.

No, Tara didn’t tell Ashland that Harrison’s Kyle’s son – he knows powerful people. She’d do anything to protect Harrison from that bitter man. If you won’t do it for me, do it for your son.