Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Victor walks into the penthouse seconds after Adam. I’ll have that wheelchair removed. Now, before we talk business, he wants to discuss the two women in Adam’s life; Sharon and Chelsea.

At the house, Mariah worries that Adam will use what he did for Faith to his advantage. Sharon won’t think about that – she’s choosing the silver lining.

Nick wants to talk to Rey. OK, but not here, at CL’s; he’s trying to avoid tension with Sharon. Nick thinks it time Rey put his anger towards Adam aside to focus on his wife.

Phyllis picks Jack up at Jabot’s boardroom. They’re off to talk to Abby in advance of tonight’s party for Kyle and Summer. Sally comes out of the corner to scowl at their backs as they leave laughing.

Summer and Kyle are sitting up in bed, fully dressed, looking at house renos on her phone. This time their marriage is for keeps ~kiss~

Nick doesn’t think Chelsea’s lying – maybe she convinced herself that Sharon and Adam were having an affair. She wouldn’t cheat on you, Nick’s sure – and she’s going through a difficult time. Rey doesn’t want any of this. Then do something before it’s too late, Nick advises.

Listing all their recent good news, Mariah would like to add her Mom reconciling with Rey to that list. Adam’s staying in town and will try to win you back. That won’t happen, he’s no threat to Rey or our marriage. Sharon just needs to convince Rey of that.

Sharon knows that repairing her marriage will be hard. Mariah’s idea to take Rey on a getaway is a good one – but she has to go get Faith right now.

On the CL’s patio, Lola pressures Rey to fight for Sharon. He just got a pep talk from Nick, so let’s talk about something else. Lola’s been invited to be a guest chef at the biggest restaurant conglomerate in Florida. Yes, she really wants this but won’t go without knowing her brother’s OK.

At Society, Abby chats with Jack and Phyllis – she hopes Chance will be back in time for the wedding. We’ll be the happiest parents ever. After Abby goes to the kitchen, Phyllis is sorry Jack’s solo for tonight’s party. He walked in on Sally defending him to Tara Locke; she’s pulling out all the stops. No, it’s not working. Phyllis finds it suspect that Jack would happen to walk in on Sally defending him. We’ve been through so much – she feels the need to defend Jack (who’s protected her from herself)

In the boardroom, Sally’s on a video chat with her Aunt – griping about Phyllis coming at her from nowhere. She’s determined to find up what Jack and Phyllis are up to tonight.