Friday, May 14th, 2021

Should I tell her it’s a private party? Nick asks. No, Kyle will. Tara’s sorry for just turning up like this, she had nowhere else to go. She needs to talk and has nowhere to go. Sally told me you were here. Can you say Hi to Kyle? Tara hoists Harrison up. Summer looks on in envy.

Adam’s awakened by a nap when Chloe barges in – you had Chelsea locked up in a mental facility!? She had a breakdown, Adam wasn’t even here when it happened. Chloe’s sick that he’s being hailed as a hero; free to walk around while Chelsea’s locked up. What will it take to stop you?

You can tell me anything, Sharon encourages. Rey hates worrying or upsetting her. He couldn’t put this off any longer. The answer is no, Sharon didn’t sleep with Adam; she was hurt by the question. Rey was hurt by being left standing there – he’s never loved anyone as he does Sharon.

Rey thinks Chelsea’s stroke and paralysis caused her break down; he let his jealousy and paranoia take over. He now sees that Sharon wasn’t the one obsessed with Adam, it was me. I’m sorry, I was wrong – can you forgive me?

Abby and Mariah wonder what Ashland Locke’s wife’s doing here. Tara’s relieved when Kyle agrees to meet her at TGP. Come as soon as you can, she leaves. Mariah puts it together – are you OK? Over the moon, Kyle reassures Jack. Summer leaves her fiance away. Questioned by Nick, Phyllis tries to convince him that it must be regarding Jabot business.

In the kitchen, Summer asks Kyle why Tara showed up at their engagement party – with your son.

** Sorry. It’s a rough read today. I’m not feeling well. Nothing life-threatening I’m sure. I’ve been vaccinated for months.

Tara said she had nowhere to turn. It must be serious for her to bring Harrison. Tonight is about us – yet he doesn’t want Summer to come with him.

Adam claims to be heartsick about Chelsea – he’d take it all back if he could. Where would you start? Causing her fall (and stroke)? Choe snarls – you can’t undo it. She scoffs at his sincerity. Even so, it’d be too little too late. Trust you? Like Chelsea did?

Mike’s in Chelsea’s room at the facility for a formal statement. It won’t matter what I tell you, Chelsea drones. Why? Because – Adam, her head swivels like in The Excorcist.

Kyle’s back to ask everyone – did you save me some of that crab appetizer? Phyllis compliments Abby; who’d rather hear what Tara Locke wants. Nick asks the same thing. All are puzzled when Summer leads Kyle out. Nick wants to know what’s going on between Kyle and Ashland Locke’s wife. Phyllis claims it’s business. Summer said it was personal. Jack and Phyllis push the booze.

Rey hopes he hasn’t screwed up past the point of no return. Sharon’s overwhelmed – she thought Chelsea’s accusations were the last straw. Rey blames his insecurities on Mia – you’re not Mia. No – Sharon doesn’t take Rey for granted. Chelsea poisoned your body, Adam your mind. Sharon apologizes for not letting Rey know how much she loves and needs him. Let’s go home.

Mariah and Jack crack jokes until Abby laughs – she’s happy to be hearing from Chance; my husband misses me as much as I do him. He’ll be home for this incredible journey. Abby also can’t wait for Kyle and Summer’s wedding.