Monday, Thursday May 17th, 2021

Nick and Jack are growing impatient. Determined to keep the party going, Abby asks Mariah to turn the music up. And Phyllis asks Nick to lighten up. No, don’t call Summer. OK, but only if Phyllis tells him what’s going on. Jack leaves Summer a message (since Kyle didn’t pick up) Let me know if you need help.

In TGP lobby, an anxious Summer notes the missed call from Jack. Upstairs, Tara whines that Ashland’s going for full custody. The only way to stop him is for Kyle to step up – you need to claim paternity.

Having a ‘nice night’, Sharon and Rey agree that their connection is still there. Both promise never to let their marriage get to ‘that place’ again. They’re about to kiss when Faith comes down to enthusiastically welcome Rey home.

At Devon’s, Amanda blathers on about Imani. She’s happy that, for the first time, she has someone watching her back. Devon will always be there for her. Moses coming down is Amanda’s cue to leave – with more advice from Devon; you’re in control – walk away if you need to.

Amanda arrives at CL’s – both she and Imani are early. When Imani repeats her offer to help with her *our* grandfather’s case, Amanda wonders whether he’s forcing her hand.

Faith’s so happy that Rey’s back. After he apologizes for adding to her troubles Faith has to ask if things are really back on track with her Mom (who pauses in the kitchen doorway to listen)

Tara can’t lose her child – the only way to prevent it is Kyle coming forward. She lied about the dates of their affair to throw Ashland off. Kyle doesn’t want to antagonize Ashland. He might not cut you off from Harrison. Yes, he will – Tara’s well aware of what her husband’s capable of. She doesn’t want to come between Kyle and Summer but this is the only way.

Start talking, Nick snaps. Hearing that Kyle had an affair with Tara and that things blew up when the Locke’s came to town, Nick seems just as angry with Phyllis for not confiding in him.

At home, watching a ballgame with Devon, Moses is lost in flashbacks of the time he’s spent with Faith (all 30 seconds of it) He’s bummed because her Dad won’t let him see her. I just want to be there for her. Devon risks sounding uncool by asking Moses how close he and Faith have gotten.

Rey has never (and will never) lie to Faith; your Mom and I are back on track – it’ll last. He promises to do everything in his power to make sure things don’t go off-track again. Watching/listening, Sharon darts back into the kitchen.

Unable to reach either Kyle or Summer, Jack’s very concerned; whatever’s going on is serious. Mariah’s sure they can deal with this. I hope you’re right, Jack sighs and walks away unconvinced (as is Mariah)

Phyllis hasn’t known about this for too long. You didn’t think I needed to know? Nick fumes. Summer didn’t want me to tell you; she didn’t want the whole town to know. Nick’s sure they will now (basically, a sarcastic ‘nice job’)