Monday, Thursday May 17th, 2021

Upstairs, Kyle can’t give Tara an answer until he talks it over with Summer. Hoping he makes it quick, Tara’s really sorry – I had to come here; the future of our son is in your hands. And now alone, Kyle has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Phyllis doesn’t think she or Nick is in a place to condemn others – who knows when the past will catch up with you? We should let Kyle’s past ruin our daughter’s life? Nick scowls – does Jack know? Oh, he does, Nick marches over. He catches Jack offguard but his Mr Tough Guy act is interrupted by a call from Christian’s nanny. Phyllis agrees that Nick should go – she’ll text him when and if Summer gets back.

Kyle relays Tara’s request to Summer; him coming forward as Harrison’s Father would weaken Ashland’s chances in court. Or, maybe he won’t want anything to do with Harrison when he learns he’s not his. Hearing that his fiancee’s head is spinning, Kyle’s reminded that they have an engagement party to return to.

Moses tells Devon that he met Faith in the hospital – and that’s the last place he saw her. They aren’t in a relationship – but I like her, a lot. Yeah, Devon’s satisfied with that answer.

Praising Rey’s honesty, Faith asks a favour of him. Her parents don’t want her to see her friend Moses. No promises, but Rey will talk to Sharon. Thanks, you’re the best, Faith gushes.

Imani makes her own decisions; she won’t be bullied, by Sutton or anyone else. Does he view his political position as a moral responsibility or a family business? Amanda wants insight. Sutton may have cut a few corners but he wouldn’t have someone murdered to keep his arrangement with Newman a secret, Imani’s sure. Do you think he’s capable of murder? Amanda’s blunt.

From a defense standpoint, Imani knows her opinion doesn’t matter. Anyone’s capable of anything (if pushed) Being capable of something isn’t a crime. Amanda wants to know what Sutton’s family members think of him. Admiring her honesty and bluntness, Imani is welcomed to ‘the team’.

Devon understands where Faith’s parents are coming from. Maybe they think you’re rushing things – or maybe they don’t think your jokes are funny. Faith gets my jokes, and I get her. Devon’s amused when Moses’ face lights up when he gets a text from Faith (who’s feeling better and will see him soon)

Sandwich and glass of milk in hand, Sharon confesses to Rey that she overheard what he said to Faith. She too will do whatever it takes to make sure they never go off-track again.

Abby’s told Victor and Nikki not to come to Society. Jack called Traci and Ashley with the same news. Mariah would really like a piece of the cake. She looks horrified when Summer and Kyle rush in to apologize to Jack (who, understandably, wants to know what’s going on)

Everything’s under control, Kyle assures everyone. And while Abby and Mariah are chatting at the bar, Phyllis confirms that she did indeed tell Nick. How could I keep this secret anymore? Is that little boy ….? Summer does NOT want to discuss it right now. Jack asks Kyle if Locke knows about the affair. It’s under control, Kyle repeats. I’ve got this – trust me. Looking over at a traumatized Summer, his confidence wanes.

Amanda’s back at the penthouse to report all to Devon. Imani said our grandfather was capable of murder. Is it a hidden message? Devon wonders if she’s scared off. No, Amanda’s even more determined to learn everything she can about her relatives.

Phyllis joins Nick to ask how things went with Christian. Good, Nick’s more concerned with his sister. Yes, Summer and Kyle came back, but Nick shouldn’t interfere. Let it go for tonight; she has other plans for him. Nick takes the bait and follows.

If there’s a missing puzzle piece, Amanda vows to find it (and bury it if it’s damaging to her case) Now, it’s time to get back to work. And just like Nick, Devon is led off to bed.

In the suite, Kyle’s sorry their big night turned out like this. He’s made a decision about his son …. Hard and rapid knocking at the door interrupts. Who could that be? Oh look, it’s Ashland and he’s mad.