Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

No, Phyllis doesn’t want her only employee (the poor lady who only owns one drab, green dress) to call upstairs to Summer’s suite – she just talked someone else out of contacting her.

Upstairs, Ashland’s not a man who’s accustomed to waiting – where’s my wife and son? I can still smell her perfume. Kyle’s sorry Ashland can’t find his family – maybe they don’t want to be found.

That was some party, Mariah chats with Abby as they tidy up. Tessa arrives (after a performance) No, Abby won’t crash their ‘date night’ – see you at home, she pauses to look lonely on her way out. That leaves Mariah and Tessa to be the ones to ‘save romance’.

Still at ChanceCom, Billy’s off to spend time with the kids (with Vikki out of town) But first some flirtatious banter with Lily. ‘Knock, knock’, Vikki appears to chirp.

Sorry to interrupt, Vikki lies – she wrapped up her business trip early to attend Summer and Kyle’s engagement party (now canceled) Faith’s doing well. Yes, the Newmans are grateful to Adam, but some of us will continue to sleep with one eye open. Reporting that she saw Locke’s private jet at the airport, Vikki leaves Billy and Lily to pick up where they left off.

Taunted for defending her philanderer fiance, Summer folds her arms – her relationship with Kyle is none of Locke’s business. That’s the way you want to play this? You’ll be sorry, Ashland exits through the door Kyle holds open, then slams. Summer looks terrified.

Tessa snaps pics of Mariah – to add to the video diary Abby’s making for Chance. We should hold off on that, Mariah can tell how much she misses her husband (as she does Tessa when she’s away)

Overdressed in sequins and feathers, yes feathers, Abby runs into Vikki at CL’s – she’s disappointed with the way the evening went and misses Chance.

Chelsea’s been admitted to the hospital and Adam’s been cleared of the charges, Lily learns from reading Billy’s ‘even-handed’ article. Well, that’s because Billy doesn’t want to antagonize Adam and Victor. They might come after ChanceCom, and me.

What were you thinking? Summer frets to Kyle – what if Ashland had Tara followed? Who is Kyle texting? Tara – she needs to know Ashland’s in town.

Downstairs, Ashland now warns Phyllis that unless he gets what he wants, her hotel will be history.

Abby shouldn’t whine; she’ll focus on the good things in her life. Too bad your life is on hold, Vikki offers support/understanding. Abby’s happy for Summer and Kyle but is reminded of how much she misses Chance.

Lily can’t believe the stress Chelsea was under. Billy can – Adam’s a threat to everyone (including ChanceCom) Yeah, Adam could write an expose about YOU, and Lily doesn’t believe he’ll sit back and let that happen. No, Billy has other ideas. I’m not gonna like it, am I? Lily sighs.