Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Back at TGP, Phyllis knows about Ashland’s reputation (but has one of her own) He wants a guest list; which room is my wife and son in? Phyllis isn’t intimidated by threats to call the press and police (for harboring a kidnapper) Ashland pulls out his phone as he marches out.

Upstairs, it doesn’t take long for Tara to call Kyle in a panic because Ashland’s there. I’m scared – don’t desert me now. You know what I need you to do. I can’t lose my baby boy! After he hangs up, Kyle shares his decision with Summer. Publicly claiming paternity is the only way to protect his son.

Summer’s not happy that Kyle didn’t so much as consult his fiancee before deciding to go public. Ashland might calm down; he and Tara might end their marriage amicably. He adores Harrison. If everyone knows he’s not his Father, he might be provoked to lash out.

At CL’s, Abby updates Vikki that Tara Locke crashed Kyle and Summer’s party – with her son. Vikki saw Ashland’s jet; so assumed he was in town with his wife. Kyle and Summer seemed ‘solid’ when they came back to the party. Vikki suggests wine and dinner at Society. She just has to make a few calls – meet you there.

Billy’s been doing some WWVAAD (what would Victor and Adam do) We need to strike Cyaxares during the transition period – let everyone know they aren’t arbiters of the truth. Lily agrees they should be proactive – let’s brainstorm – it’ll be fun.

Still at Society, Tessa and Mariah declare tonight ‘best date night ever’. Planning to frame all her ultrasound photos, Mariah denies she’s trying to avoid having her photo taken. Declaring Mariah stunningly beautiful, Tessa’s booked a suite at TGP and massages. ‘Check please!’ Mariah demands of no one in particular.

When Tara returns to their suite, Kyle scolds her for not staying put (as he told her to) What happened with Ashland? Tara asks. Hearing they both stonewalled him, Tara’s sorry her husband lashed out at Summer – it’s not your fight. No, it’s yours, Summer’s distracted by a text from her Mom (alerting her that Ashland threatened to call the cops – what’s going on???)

Tessa and Mariah can’t wait to get up to their suite to start the romantic portion of their evening.

No, Billy’s not ‘rubbing off’ on Lily – she’s able to deal with an attack from Victor and Adam the same way she would from anyone else (IE Vikki) Ah, there it is, Billy needs to take Lily somewhere right now.

Ashland? Vikki feigns surprise at seeing him at Society. Since her sister’s not there yet, she agrees to join him for a drink (since he dashed her dream of owning Cyaxares, he’s buying) You drive a hard bargain, Ashland smiles. You have no idea, Vikki grins.

When Summer relays her Mom’s text, Tara panics. We aren’t going to lose, Kyle will make sure of it. As her fiance reassures the Mother of his child, Summer’s devastated to feel like a third wheel.