Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Billy’s rushed Lily to CL’s for a meeting with a realtor. Why wait? Surprise. Lily doesn’t seem thrilled.

Over drinks at Society, Vikki maintains a smile as she ambiguously pushes Ashland’s buttons; about their deal (or lack thereof) She heard he signed Victor’s contract under duress. Locke downplays his heart attack but can’t quite hide his reaction when Vikki asks if his wife came along. Sorry – it seems I’ve struck a nerve.

You think I’m being paranoid? Like that time? Tara reminds Kyle of an incident at an oyster bar. You were so scared and it turned out to be nothing. You always had a knack for calming me down, she’s relieved that Kyle’s claiming paternity. I’ll walk you back to your suite – we can talk more there if you want. Tara would like that. Arms folded and sulk in place, Summer does NOT. I’ll be back as soon as I can. After Kyle leaves, Phyllis sends Summer a text – Ashland’s still gone – what’s going on? Summer exits the suite.

When an orderly brings Chelsea dinner, she sees Adam and freaks out – I need to see my doctor, right away.

Opening his door, Adam’s surprised to see Nick (who seems surprised to find himself there too)

We can cancel, Billy offers. Well…. just kidding – Lily loves that Billy arranged a house showing tonight. He’s willing to do anything to live with her.

Chloe and Kevin arrive at CL’s pushing a baby carriage. Ester’s babysitting Bella and Chloe’s relieved to be out of the house – to fret about poor Chelsea. She faked her paralysis and poisoned Rey – major crimes – did you help Chelsea?

Apologies – no time for spellcheck etc. today 🙂

Chelsea worries that Adam will get to her. He’s just like his Father. Victor went to great lengths to help you, the doctor goes over the plan again – you plead not guilty by reason of insanity and serve your sentence in this facility. He knows she faked the breakdown but can see that she IS in distress. Reminded that she almost killed Rey, Chelsea suddenly knows what she needs to do next.

Ashland’s filing for divorce in the morning but shrugs it off; marriages fall apart – like deals. Vikki shrugs that off – no hard feelings. Not all bridges have to be burned to the ground. Ashland looks intrigued.

In TGP lobby, Summer updates Phyllis that Tara and her son are upstairs – she checked in under a fake name. I knew this would happen, Phyllis doesn’t want Summer to get caught up in the Locke’s battle. And why did Tara turn up at the engagement party – why did she turn to Kyle? what is she expecting him to do?

Out for a drive, Nick found himself in the neighborhood so thought he’d check in with Adam. He’s feeling OK – and Faith? He’s sure Sharon’s taking good care of her. Thanked again, Adam knows Nick wouldn’t hesitate to help Connor. When he mopes about Chelsea, Nick doesn’t want to talk about anything serious or contentious. What does that leave though? Adam wonders.

Chloe confides to Kevin that she picked up a package for Chelsea – Thallium. Kevin’s horrified. Chloe didn’t know what Chelsea was up to. I blindly trusted her and realized the truth later. You’re involved in an attempted murder case, Kevin wishes she’d come to him. He can’t be the only one who suspects she’s up to her eyeballs in this. On cue, Rey arrives at CL’s.